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Contest Code for our Blogger Partners ;)

Please be advised. It takes a while for this page to load as it has NINE Giveaways! Yay!

Thank you for your patience.

1.1 Matthew Holden, MavSocial

#SocialCafe MavSocial Giveaway!

1.2 David Schneider, Ninja Outreach

#SocialCafe Ninja Outreach Giveaway!

1.3 Michael Cheng, Sniply

#SocialCafe Snip.ly Giveaway!

1.4 Ted Coine, Meddle.it

#SocialCafe Ted Coine (CMO, Meddle.it) and his Autographed Book, "A World Gone Social" Giveaway!

1.5 Dennis Kashkin, BoardBooster

#SocialCafe BoardBooster Giveaway!

1.6 Ann Smarty, MyBlogU

#SocialCafe MyBlogU Giveaway!

1.7 Sudheer Someshwara, ViralTag

#SocialCafe ViralTag Giveaway!

1.8 Greg Smith, SMQueue

#SocialCafe SMQueue Giveaway!

1.9 Brian Cervino, Trello

Everyone wins! Generous door prize from Brian Cervino at Trello! All you have to do is show up at the Twitter Party (6/9/15 6p PDT / 9p EDT) and you will receive instructions on how to claim! (Hint: Schedule a “Hello there” tweet for that time period and you qualify. Also, check the archive of the Twitter Party afterwards, too 😉 )

1.10 Charles Harper, Webinar Fusion Pro

#SocialCafe Webinar Fusion Pro Giveaway!

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Meet Deborah, #SocialCafe Founder (2012)



Deborah has been the source of many successful Twitter Chats, hiding in the background, sharing her vast knowledge, and masquerading as the forefront "expert," when she is the actual SME and knowledge source. Take advantage of her knowledge, including the download of a non-Twitter-Chat "Boost Your Energy" ebook (absolutely free!).

Deborah Anderson, Certified Guest Blogger

Deborah Anderson, Certified Guest Blogger

Article archive available at deboraheanderson.com portfolio site.

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