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#SocialCafe Chat Topic: Makeup Tips and Tricks for the Holidays

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After the chat today, I spoke to Lisa Gibson on the telephone about how fun this Twitter chat was. I am truly excited to say that we are talking about a weekly Makeup / Fashion twitter chat!

  1. What is your favorite makeup and makeup tool(s)?

All of us have our favorites and some of us use a combination of brands, while others are loyal to all one brand. I have to agree with Mindy. I don't go on stage or in front of a camera without my Mac foundation!

And, great advice from our Pro, Lisa Gibson, on makeup brushes from the art supply store!

  1. What are your biggest challenges with makeup and makeup application?

We all have challenges or things we would like to improve. A couple of those highlighted during the chat include trying new things, time, the eyes, blending, and more.

If only we had more time to address all of the issues! See, aren't you glad we will have a weekly #SocialCafe twitter chat where you can discuss just that? Again, tentatively, every Thursday at 5pm PST / 8pm EST.

  1. How do you shop for makeup? Favorites?

One shopping tip, above, was to buy your brushes at the art supply store: Same quality, lower price.

Lisa recommends that you change your way of thinking and that it is truly ok to NOT spend a million dollars and yet, you can still LOOK like a million dollars.

  1. What do you do different during holidays or parties?

The holiday season is upon us and many of us women want to get a jump start on what to do for our makeup for all those fun parties (or, just for us and our special loved one, in front of the fireplace with the cup of chocolate).

Like Scherrie said, "Glam it up!" Lisa shares tips on just how to do that and get maximum glam and beauty, without overdoing it and looking like a clown.

BTW - I, Deborah, got so excited that within 30 seconds, I was buying the "Midnight Cowboy" that Lisa recommended. I can't wait to receive it and try it out for the holidays. I am not an affiliate or representative of the Urban Decay and neither is Lisa. We just love makeup and makeup tips!

Final Thoughts and Action Steps

Lisa is all about helping women to look good, for themselves, for others, and to feel good, as women. I am so thrilled that she is willing to share with us on this chat and chats to come.

Lisa also has a great pro application makeup brush that she has invented and it is very affordable (when it goes to market). I can't wait to try it out!

Here are some more tidbits and gems of information in the Twitter chat today:

#SocialCafe: Holiday Makeup Tips w/@makeupro99

#SocialCafe: Holiday Makeup Tips w/@makeupro99

Q&A Discussing the holiday makeup ideas. Special Guests: Lisa Gibson (@makeupro99). Host: @SocialwebCafe

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  5. Welcome to the #SocialCafe Chat at our normal 3pm EST slot every Wednesday. 8p GMT
  6. During our 3p EST Chat hour we will chat with Lisa Gibson @makeuppro99 about hoiday makeup tips! #SocialCafe
  7. Welcome Lisa! @makeuppro99 So excited to have you here! #socialcafe
  8. If you are following along on today's #SocialCafe chat questions, you can find them here: m4xqt
  9. @socialwebcafe Thank you! I love talking about beauty and helpng women w mu tips! #SocialCafe
  10. During the holiday season #SocialCafe is "giving back" and chatting about gift ideas and, today, holiday party makeup.
  11. Hi there everyone, makeup tips not really my thing but you all have my support ;) #socialcafe
  12. Welcome Lisa! @makeupro99 So excited to have you here! <-- apologies for the typo on the earlier welcome! #socialcafe
  13. Holiday MU is all about sparkle, but knowing how and where! #SocialCafe
  14. Q1 What is your favorite makeup and makeup tool(s)? #SocialCafe
  15. @dragonblogger As I mentioned to @tonygreene113 we will have some less metrosexual topics in coming weeks ;) Thnx #socialcafe
  16. @socialwebcafe Q1: my favorite make up is Mac right now. Seems to be the best for my skin. #socialcafe
  17. RT @socialwebcafe: During our 3p EST Chat hour we will chat with Lisa Gibson @makeuppro99 about hoiday makeup tips! #SocialCafe
  18. I use many brushes from Art Supply stores! Better prices & no shedding! #SocialCafe
  19. good idea! RT @makeupro99: I use many brushes from Art Supply stores! Better prices & no shedding! #SocialCafe
  20. @mindyartze Oh my goodness! I *love* Mac! That is what I use for studio work! #socialcafe
  21. @mindyartze Mac is very good, lip colors can be dry, colors r great! #SocialCafe
  22. @makeupro99 I like my MAC lip glosses...haven't really tried others... #socialcafe
  23. @thirtymommy I started using Burt's Bees colored, to get the benefit of moisture and a little daily color. #socialcafe
  24. Wow - great idea! RT @makeupro99: I use many brushes from Art Supply stores! Better prices & no shedding! #socialcafe
  25. @socialwebcafe Re: Brushes, Art Stores can save you a bundle & last forever! #SocialCafe
  26. Gee Thx! RT @socialwebcafe: We want to thank the wonderful HT! We love them! Please visit pleaSocialCafeialCafe
  27. @makeupro99 Drug store makeup is great too! Love Almay's new mineral "cooling" base!! $6.00! #SocialCafe
  28. @thirtymommy Yeah, the chapstick-like one and not gloss. not affiliate link).. x out of htly to see... #sosocialcafe
  29. @thirtymommy Yes! NYX has many great products too! Not expensive, yet good quality! #SocialCafe
  30. @makeupro99 We also hear that the more expensive, the better. Are we being duped? #socialcafe
  31. If any of you have sensitive skin & want easy lite coverage that wakes u up, try the Almay "Cooling" Mineral Base!! #SocialCafe
  32. @socialwebcafe "u get what u pay for", not always. Unless u like paying for a name only! #SocialCafe
  33. @pyapyafrank So true. I can skip blush, but not the lip color and mascara. #socialcafe
  34. @socialwebcafe Many don't knw that dept store mu co.'s carry "sister brands" @ drug stores #SocialCafe
  35. Q2 What are your biggest challenges with makeup and makeup application? #SocialCafe
  36. @makeupro99 I just find it refreshing that you, Lisa, who had access to expensive products, say it is possible with others :) #socialcafe
  37. @makeupro99 Is there a "link" that shows the sister brands, brand by brand? #socialcafe
  38. @b2ctweet Fav MU- Mac, NYX, Gerda Spillman, Jane Iredale, Max Factor, Le Femme, Nars #SocialCafe
  39. Stay tuned for details about our topic and guest(s) next week… #socialcafe
  40. RT @makeupro99: I use many brushes from Art Supply stores! Better prices & no shedding! #socialcafe
  41. @socialwebcafe Yes, application is 99% blending & 1% high dollar cosmetics!! #SocialCafe
  42. We want to thank the wonderful @commun_it team- helping us create #Twitter relationships ease RT #SociSocialCafe
  43. A2. Don't think I'm bold enough to try more intricate makeup looks #socialcafe
  44. I can make up any face perfectly w/ drug store makeup! Its ALL BLENDING! & good brushes, blend, blend, blend! #SocialCafe
  45. @thirtymommy I hear that all the time! The key is your touch. How lightly you touch your skin w/ ur brushes #SocialCafe
  46. @socialwebcafe I struggle with eyes... I can't do it... always feel like a lil girl playing dress up #socialcafe
  47. @thirtymommy meaning- gentle, feather strokes. u can add more, but if you push the brush too hard, it will look blotchy! #SocialCafe
  48. RT @socialwebcafe: Q2 What are your biggest challenges with makeup and makeup application? #socialcafe
  49. @makeupro99 Wow. I didn't realize that. Was I in the dark ages re: Lancome = Loreal #socialcafe
  50. @thirtymommy Start out by show casing your eyebrows a bit! Pair w/ 1 soft eyeshadow color & a bold berry lip! #SocialCafe
  51. A2 putting up eyeshadow. need to know much on blending #socialcafe
  52. A1 I think time is my biggest challenge. I can do more with more time. I will do it fast and then, on video, I see a boo boo! #socialcafe
  53. @makeupro99 I like berry and wine colors. I think that works with red hair ;) #socialcafe
  54. @mindyartze Just remember to blend over your shadow colors w/ a soft beige/cream color & it will blend well #SocialCafe
  55. RT @makeupro99: @socialwebcafe Yes, application is 99% blending & 1% high dollar cosmetics!! <- need to drill that into my head #socialcafe
  56. @DeborahE Time is a big issue. Question- If I had a tool that would give you MY Pro Application, would you buy it? #SocialCafe
  57. Oh yes! That is why I work so hard @ teaching blending & brushes, light touches!! #SocialCafe
  58. @makeupro99 Thanks for the tips! Ill doll myself up for the holidays & tweet a pic! #socialcafe
  59. MU application does not have to take forever! I am working on creating a tool that gives my pro touch in as little as 5 mins! #SocialCafe
  60. The price is no more than an average MU brush! Who's in??? #SocialCafe
  61. As the makeup goes, I struggle with the eyebrows. I have a "crayon" and an Anastasia kit. I have trouble with the kit.. #socialcafe
  62. I am asked often abt my changing MU looks. I want ALL women to have that ability! #SocialCafe
  63. @DeborahE My fav eyebrow pencil is Maybelline!! Its grt color for blondes & redheads $3!! #SocialCafe
  64. I shop like all women, excited at every new color & packaging! But then I look at what works for me, colors & budget... #SocialCafe
  65. Don't get caught being over sold at a dept store. Think & ask for samples b4 you buy!! #SocialCafe
  66. A3. I usually stick to what I know unless I get a sample or recommendation #socialcafe
  67. @moppetmissy Wish me luck doll! The more support I can get here, the more chances I have to get it for all of u!! Its the KEY #SocialCafe
  68. @makeupro99 just looked at mine.. Revlon. felt like I couldn't color in the lines with Anastasia..will check out Maybeline Thnx! #socialcafe
  69. @thirtymommy So do most women & it makes me sad. Change in beauty is fun & men love variety! Keep the woman, vary the MU! #SocialCafe
  70. @makeupro99 support (stated desire) = ability to get it on market = benefit to ALL Of us. Pro tool for drug store cost. #socialcafe
  71. @thirtymommy W/i-phone cameras, its easy to try on a new look, take a pic & see if u like it. Take pics of Mag pic looks too.. #SocialCafe
  72. @thirtymommy put the pics up on ur mirror & try to copy them. b sure the model looks like u, skin, hair... #SocialCafe
  73. RT @makeupro99: Dont get caught being over sold at a dept store. Think & ask for samples b4 you buy!! #socialcafe
  74. W/ eye mu, do not use harsh lines under the eyes! If u mu 1 eye & the 1 w/ no mu looks bigger, ur makeup is wrong #SocialCafe
  75. Love the idea! Reminds me of what I did as a teenager! RT @makeupro99: put the pics up on ur mirror & try to copy them. #socialcafe
  76. Good way to test! RT @makeupro99: If u mu 1 eye & the 1 w/ no mu looks bigger, ur makeup is wrong #socialcafe
  77. Use a stronger liner upper lid w/pencil, etc. then smudge eyeshadow as ur lower liner, tip- use a pointed Qtip to apply #SocialCafe
  78. This way ur eyes will ALWAYS look larger & blended. never close the eyes off w/ heavy liner upper & lower, pls don't do it #SocialCafe
  79. Lisa @makeupro99 and I had talked about doing a video how-to. Anyone interested in watching it live on Google+ and video? #socialcafe
  80. Exception- if u have Large eyes like Goldie Hawn, then u can use darker liners- most of us should not #SocialCafe
  81. @makeupro99 How do you do that without getting shadow in your eyes? Practice? Qtips are a nice price :) #socialcafe
  82. @socialwebcafe veryuch interested. actually i'm about to suggest to have a video on how to :) #socialcafe
  83. Q4 What do you do different during holidays or parties? #SocialCafe
  84. @socialwebcafe I'd luv to show women its ALL abt application, NOT packaging or a famous name stamped on the product! Video, yes! #SocialCafe
  85. @DeborahE Yes, Also the actress "Mila" what is her last name? She has large eyes #SocialCafe
  86. @makeupro99 The big brand names don't necessarily want that. You go girl! #socialcafe
  87. Good answer! RT @thirtymommy: A4. I glam it up a little more for the holidays! #socialcafe
  88. For some of us that like to glam it up year round, the holidays are normal LOL #socialcafe
  89. only large eyes should line the "water line" w/dark colors. Others use nude, white or soft blues, lavenders, golds & silvers #SocialCafe
  90. Holidays sparkle! Not Frosts! Shimmer only & only under brow bone or inner eyelid. Use tissue to catch fall out #SocialCafe
  91. Fall out from shimmer shadows catch in fine lines we all have around our eyes, if we r over 25. it ages us! #SocialCafe
  92. Use shimmer pencils on inside water line & at tear duct. Do not use any shimmer blush or shimmer any where else but eyes, lips #SocialCafe
  93. Great colors for shimmer r golds, silvers, whites & my FAVORITE "Midnight Cowboy" by Urban Decay. OH!! The best shimmer ever! #SocialCafe
  94. No, I don't work for Urban Decay, but I do swear by this shimmer shadow for all! Champagne color & truly shimmers. Beautiful! #SocialCafe
  95. Don't want that (aging us) RT @makeupro99: Fall out from shimmer shadows catch .. if we r over 25. it ages us! #socialcafe
  96. Always pick 1 area of the face to stand out. Lips? then soft eyes. Eyes? w/ soft lips. Shimmer mu paired with neutral clothes #SocialCafe
  97. Opposite for shimmer clothes. Just add a bit of shimmer to the tear duct area or a beautiful shimmer lip! Catches the light #SocialCafe
  98. Thanks for all the awesome make up tips/tricks! I can't wait to try them out! @makeupro99 @socialwebcafe #socialcafe
  99. Question for you Lisa @makeupro99 I used to hear that Mary Kay was the best, health-wise... thoughts? #socialcafe
  100. When applying shadows, use a tissue square at an angle under the eye to catch fall out. Or do eyes 1st, base 2nd, after cleanup #SocialCafe
  101. @thirtymommy very welcome. Me, too. As soon as the work day is done... I'm shopping! #socialcafe
  102. @socialwebcafe I do like Mary Kay, however along the same lines I prefer Merle Norman or Avon. Grt skin care at Avon & low $$ #SocialCafe
  103. @thirtymommy Ur welcome! Go to my blog for more tips and questions, celebrity pics too! #SocialCafe
  104. Had a crazy idea.. literally just popped in my head. Would any of you be interested in a weekly twitter chat with @makeupro99 ? #socialcafe
  105. @makeupro99 Yeah, MK is $$$. And, if I don't have a consultant, takes too long to find... #socialcafe
  106. I am a big fan of eye brows. If u keep them well groomed & shaped, not too thin, u don't need tons of mu or color. #SocialCafe
  107. @socialwebcafe Sounds like fun! I'm always down for an interesting, informative fun twitter chat! #socialcafe
  108. @makeupro99 Should ask you, first, if you want to :) re: weekly Twitter Chat with MU tips and Q&A. #socialcafe
  109. In a hurry? Groom & enhance your brows, brush- lite touch- mineral base, add lips & go! Do not forget to brush base over neck #SocialCafe
  110. Brush ur mineral base over ur neck & EARS. PLEASE! Same goes for all base types. I can guide u w/ how, but takes more words #SocialCafe
  111. Next week, we are promoting a gift idea. Back health expert with affordable back pain aid #SocialCafe chat Wed 3p EST 11/14
  112. Missed the #SocialCafe chat? Stay tuned for Tweets letting your know the archive/summary is ready.
  113. @pyapyafrank Looking forward to teaching women how to be the "other woman" w/ simple mu changes, hair style too. He will notice #SocialCafe
  114. What time works best for everyone? I've had people say that evenings r best.. How does 8p EST (5p PST) work for you? #socialcafe
  115. @socialwebcafe awesome! I have had 2 back surgeries! I actually was stuck on the steps of Paramount on my way in to work 1 day #SocialCafe
  116. Thank you for joining us for this week's #SocialCafe Twitter Chat.
  117. So many stories, so little time! Fun ones too, abt celebrities & other crazy parts of my Live TV career! #SocialCafe
  118. Thanks for all the great tips!! Can't wait to try them out! #socialcafe


#SocialCafe Twitter Chat Announcement

This SocialWebCafe Twitter Event is about Makeup Tips and Tricks for the Holidays.

Makeup%20Tips%20and%20Tricks%20for%20the%20Holidays%20%23SocialCafe%201.14 w/ %40SocialWebCafe %28Summary%29 %23SocialCafe

This event sponsored, in part, by our wonderful friends at: for Twitter Relationship ManagementWe recommend them because we love them (and their tool) and not just because we are compensated. Try it for free!


SocialWebCafe and the #SocialCafe twitter chats are doing something special this season and "giving back" by promoting entrepreneurs and product specialists. The idea is that we give some promotional help (having a Twitter Chat) and give our Tweeps some ideas for the holidays and especially gift ideas for those hard-to-buy-for-people in your life. To kick it off this season, we will start with looking good and getting ready for those holiday parties and get-togethers.

During this #SocialCafe Chat we will have Lisa Gibson, a professional Hollywood Studio Makeup Artist, joining us to answer your questions about makeup and makeup application. Ms. Gibson will share how to find makeup that will help you to look like a celebrity at a fraction of the cost. She will also share those tips and tricks that even you can do, to look glamorous this holiday season.

Ms. Gibson will point out the common misconceptions and pitfalls and also answer your questions, so start pulling those questions together now.

Twitter Event Details

  • Date:   11/07/2012
  • Time:   6:00 pm PST/PDT (9:00 pm EST/EDT).
  • Hashtag:   #SocialCafe

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Twitter Event Questions

    1. What is your favorite makeup and makeup tool(s)?
    1. What are your biggest challenges with makeup and makeup application?
    1. How do you shop for makeup? Favorites?
    1. What do you do different during holidays or parties?

Format: Q&A

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Have questions? Leave them in the comments or send a regular tweet to Deborah @SocialWebCafe.

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