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Scheduling a #SocialCafe Shout-Out

Hey – want to participate in #SocialCafe, but the time just isn’t right for you? No problem! Instead, schedule a “shout out.” Use your favorite Twitter tool, like Hootsuite, Tweetdeck, or Buffer and tweet something with the hashtag #SocialCafe.

If you want it to be relevant, refer to the #SocialCafe calendar to find out what we are chatting about, when. Basically, schedule your tweet between 6p-6:30p PDT on a Tuesday evening (that is between 9p-9:30p EDT on a Tuesday or 1a-1:30a GMT on Wednesday).

Happy Chatting!

Meet Deborah, #SocialCafe Founder (2012)



Deborah has been the source of many successful Twitter Chats, hiding in the background, sharing her vast knowledge, and masquerading as the forefront "expert," when she is the actual SME and knowledge source. Take advantage of her knowledge, including the download of a non-Twitter-Chat "Boost Your Energy" ebook (absolutely free!).

Deborah Anderson, Certified Guest Blogger

Deborah Anderson, Certified Guest Blogger

Article archive available at deboraheanderson.com portfolio site.

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