Benefits of the Traditional #TwitterChat (and Reasons Why We Love Them) #SocialCafe 12.20

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#SocialCafe Chat Topic: Benefits of the Traditional #TwitterChat (and Reasons Why We Love Them)

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So much fun this evening, connecting with old friends (again) and newer friends, just like Traditional Twitter Chats have always been like... and that is what it is all about and why we are discussing them this evening :)

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  1. What do we mean by “Traditional #TwitterChat” do you think? How would YOU define it?

I love the answers we got to this question! You can really tell that these are people who know, love, and appreciate traditional Twitter Chats! Thank you peeps!

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  1. Let’s pause for a moment... Who would you like to invite to this chat, to discuss #TwitterChats and what they mean to us (again)? Any friends or associates? :)

I think I need others to do the chatting for me, as Twitter was rate limiting me this evening...

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  1. What other tips (or questions) do you have related to #TwitterChats?

There are things we love about these chats ;)

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  1. What tools can help us when it comes to #TwitterChats?

TweetDeck seems to be one of the popular choices when it comes to tools. There were some other tools of choice in the past but with the API fee, those have opted out, due to cost increases.

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I am just glad to see all of you! #ShamelessPlug

Final Thoughts and Action Steps

I love the community and camaraderie of Traditional Twitter Chats. That just cannot be replicated easily? Here is an example, and, thanks, Mack, for your kind words here >>

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