Blogging and Bloggerpreneurs (Summary) #SocialCafe 1.11

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  1. What is your definition of blog and blogging?

Wow! What an awesome Twitter Chat. They are all awesome, but this one sure included some incredible nuggets of wisdom. It is difficult to limit it to one summary post. That's ok. You can also check out the tweets in the slideshow in this post.

It seems clear that blogging, for us, today, is not necessarily what it used to be at the beginning of the century. And, the definition of blogging is somewhat subjective. One thing is clear, that bloggers are passionate about what they do, even if what they do is defined differently from one blogger to another, and by those outside the blogging community.

  1. What types of blogging are there?

A2. Professional & personal blogs #Tbw

— scherrie d (@thirtymommy) October 17, 2012

Beyond the definition of blogging, there is also still some concern about how bloggers are viewed. Here is an interesting sidebar conversation on that topic.

  1. Why should someone blog?  What are the perks?

There are different perks that appeal to different perks. There are some of us who do this for the sheer love of it and stop and ask, "What ARE the perks, anyway?" But, there seems to be a consensus that people enjoy sharing and engaging and building relationships. Not a bad perk at all! And, if you can get freebies and make money at the same time... well, that helps, too!

  1. As a blogger, what do you wish you could learn more about?

Great observation by Solveig, when she compares blogging to the printing press. There are many things yet to learn and many of us that can share in the learning, teaching, and, well, sharing! This is a key reason why was born and exists to help others and enjoy the engagement at the same time.

Final Thoughts and Action Steps

Congrats to Scherrie (@thirtymommy) for winning today's raffle! Not too late for you to join in the fun and sign up for another #TBW (TheBlogWorkshop) raffle and chat on 10/24 at 3pm EDT.

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