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  1. What do you consider to be “business basics” in your role as a *preneur?

It looks like we are ready and rearing to go with some serious business plans for this new 2014 year. Good for us!

  1. How do you apply these basics in your day-to-day practice or long range goals?

There seem to be a lot of things in the area of efficiency, planning, organization, etc. And, you know what? We are ready for it. We got this!

  1. Do you prepare your goals for each new year or do you continue with what you have been doing?

Yes, true, this is a great time to reassess our goals and where we are going. It is also a good time to tweak them. Isn’t that what the new year is for, right?

  1. What do you think you will implement in your overall business plan/approach for 2014?

Love it, @thirtymommy! Comprehensive financials! Oh, and for me, I am starting a temporary gig helping the ninjas (as in Internet Marketing Ninjas) to get organized... functioning as their Director of the Project Management Office (first director). Yay! Kudos to all of us!

Final Thoughts and Action Steps

We just love you! Thanks for joining us for this year (2013) and on to our next beautiful year! Thanks, Pam, for the wonderful words ... so appreciated!

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