Contest Code for our Blogger Partners ;)

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1.1 Matthew Holden, MavSocial

#SocialCafe MavSocial Giveaway!

1.2 David Schneider, Ninja Outreach

#SocialCafe Ninja Outreach Giveaway!

1.3 Michael Cheng, Sniply

#SocialCafe Giveaway!

1.4 Ted Coine,

#SocialCafe Ted Coine (CMO, and his Autographed Book, "A World Gone Social" Giveaway!

1.5 Dennis Kashkin, BoardBooster

#SocialCafe BoardBooster Giveaway!

1.6 Ann Smarty, MyBlogU

#SocialCafe MyBlogU Giveaway!

1.7 Sudheer Someshwara, ViralTag

#SocialCafe ViralTag Giveaway!

1.8 Greg Smith, SMQueue

#SocialCafe SMQueue Giveaway!

1.9 Brian Cervino, Trello

Everyone wins! Generous door prize from Brian Cervino at Trello! All you have to do is show up at the Twitter Party (6/9/15 6p PDT / 9p EDT) and you will receive instructions on how to claim! (Hint: Schedule a “Hello there” tweet for that time period and you qualify. Also, check the archive of the Twitter Party afterwards, too 😉 )

1.10 Charles Harper, Webinar Fusion Pro

#SocialCafe Webinar Fusion Pro Giveaway!

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