Conference Season: What Is Your Experience? (Summary) #SocialCafe 2.22

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#SocialCafe Chat Topic: Conference Season: What Is Your Experience?

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  1. What conferences have you attended (plan to attend)?

Some of us on the chat tonight attended #TBWC13. Yeah, @theblogworkshop! Yeah, attendees, speakers, and sponsors! Just a wee bit biased, eh?

  1. In your conference experience, what have been some of the pros and cons?

Great answers to this question. Conference organizers, listen up, to what these peeps say...

  1. What would you look for (like to see) in a conference?

The consensus seems to be that we would like to be educated, have opportunities to network, and have fun.

For those of you looking for some upcoming conferences, check the storify slideshow, above, for suggestions, for more of the education, networking, and fun!

  1. Please share your thoughts about the @theblogworkshop ‘s conference this past week.

Continuing that thought, yes, interactive, engaging, and fun!. Fortunately, The Blog Workshop did hit those marks.

Final Thoughts and Action Steps

Some final thoughts. Jason Bridges brought up the "un-conference," something worthy of looking into, further. And, Kristal mentioned about those nuggets of info we get from conferences. Nuggets of thought and forward-thinking inspiration to better ourselves and our businesses.

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