Diving Into The World Of Instagramming (Summary) #SocialCafe 2.20

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#SocialCafe Chat Topic: Diving Into The World Of Instagramming

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WebStagram - Instagram Viewer
WebStagram - Instagram Viewer

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  1. Are you using Instagram? Why or why not?

Many of us use instagram, and for different reasons. It seems there is a commonality of those who love to take photos, and the love of Instagram, but that makes sense since IG is a photo app that gets those photos onto the social media network highway.

  1. What are some challenges you have had using instagram?

All-in-all, we haven't listed that many challenges, but most of the challenges relate to apps or SPAM. It seems that Instagram is doing a better job of taking care of the SPAM and they do have a reporting feature. Good for you, Instagram! Thank you.

  1. What are some ways Instagram has helped you enhance your blogging?

Creative ideas flowing on how Instagram helps with socialization, networking, and blogging. Cross-promotion is key and the ability for instagram to post that photo in multiple places helps to get that conversation going that much sooner. Tagging is key, to get them back to you, and your site/blog.

  1. Please share some of your favorite Instagram “must have” plugins or tips and tricks?

Excellent tips shared tonight. Check out the slideshow, above, to review all of them (or click on the link to see the page version of the archive on storify). Check out the advice that Madalyn gives on hashtags (below).

Final Thoughts and Action Steps

During our chat, we shared our instagram page links. Check them out and let's follow each other!


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