Freelancing and Keeping It Positive (Summary) #SocialCafe 1.10

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#SocialCafe Chat Topic: Freelancing and Keeping It Positive Special Edition

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  1. What are some of joys of being a freelancer? What are the challenges? What kind of services can bloggers, web developers and web designers sell that they aren’t targeting now?

Some of the joys of Freelancing, is the freedom in time, resources, wardrobe, and being one's own boss. However, with that often comes some other challenges not faced in a traditional job. However, with proper planning and practice, these challenges are able to be overcome and allow for that path toward success, professionally and personally.

  1. How can you, as a freelancer, promote yourself online? How can you price your services to increase your earnings?

There are different opinions on how to promote oneself online. The key is to find what works for you, in promotion. What works for one person may not be the best for another, depending on their business model. The key is to find that something that works well for YOU and keep working it.

  1. What kind of information should you publish online to generate more sales?

There are so many social networks available online that it is impossible to devote 24 hours to any one network, let alone all of them. Again, it comes down to finding which networks bring the most traffic and work the best for your product or service. And, watch the timewasters. It is certainly fun to hang out on the social networks, but keep those goals, objectives, and deadlines in mind so you don't look up from Facebook and ask "What happened?"

  1. How does the freelancer keep on 'keepin on?' Where can you list your services to find new clients?

A positive attitude is so important in the "Keeping On" department. Don't let the negative get you down. In fact, don't listen to the negative, but rather, focus on the positive and surround yourself with positive people.

Final Thoughts and Action Steps

All in all, freelancing can be a very rewarding experience and worth the run at it. Have a plan, surround yourself with positive people and go for it!

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