Gadgets for Gifts w/Dragonblogger (Summary) #SocialCafe 1.17

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#SocialCafe Chat Topic: Gadgets for Gifts w/Dragonblogger

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  1. What types of gadgets and techie gifts interest you? High-tech? Kitchen? Games?

A common theme... tablets, games, gaming systems, and a bigger purse!

  1. What types of gadgets have you put on your shopping list (for others, or for you)?

Good reminder, Brad... Doesn't have to be, technically, a "gadget." A gaming system sounds like great fun, as well!

  1. What types of gadgets are you hoping to receive?

And, we continue with our wish lists...Check out Justin's tweets on the cool stuff he is giving away. You may have your list and your own wishes covered!

  1. Are there any gadgets that you’d like to read reviews on before buying/getting?

Justin has covered many of these reviews, as well as the dragonblogger team, and has some answers ready for you, here:

Final Thoughts and Action Steps

Justin gives some great advice, as a final parting tip in your shopping endeavors, as well as a reminder that you can check out his list of great giveaways.

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