Why Should You Do A Google+ Hangout? (Summary) #SocialCafe 2.14

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#SocialCafe Chat Topic: Why Should You Do A Google+ Hangout?

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  1. What are your thoughts on G+ Hangouts? Experiences?

Google+ Hangouts can definitely be a lot of fun and there are many who are participating and hosting them, like Mamavation TV and, of course, Social Web Cafe TV.

  1. What are some unique ways you have seen Hangouts used?

The sky is the limit on options and ways to use Google+ Hangouts. Da Vinci also shares some of these in tonight's episode of Social Web Cafe TV.

  1. What are your biggest struggles with Hangouts?

There are many different challenges that may be faced in Google+ Hangouts (and life, in general!). For an article on some of the considerations regarding technical challenges, check out the article by Deborah Anderson at CompuKol: Google Plus Hangouts On Air: Joys and Frustrations.

  1. What would you like to see in our future Hangouts?

Final Thoughts and Action Steps

Belinda asked where she could learn more about running Google+ Hangouts. And, the answer is... an upcoming ebook by Deborah Anderson.

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