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#SocialCafe Chat Topic: How To Make #Twitter Easier

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During this #SocialCafe Twitter Chat, we talked about EasyRetweet. We also talk about

Step 1: Sign up for your EasyRetweet Account

Visit EasyRetweet and sign up to get your free account.
Disclosure: Deborah Anderson (SocialWebCafe) was partnered with EasyRetweet at the time of this Twitter Chat.

Step 2: Check out the EasyRetweet Features

Once you have logged into EasyRetweet with your Twitter Account start checking out the features. One of the really helpful features is to find bloggers that you know (seen in the initial list of tweets and start to "friend them." This is handy because you will be able to find them more easily the next time you log in and help them out by sharing their tweets (and vice versa).

Step 3: Browse the EasyRetweet Categories

Within EasyRetweet, there are different categories, in a pull-down menu, making it easier for your to find relevant content that you want to share with your Twitter following. Select the category or categories that fit your audience (or your whim) and you can start tweeting (RT'ing). You also have the option to send later, buffering the tweet until a later time so that your timeline doesn't fill up with 20 RTs all at once. Your followers will thank you for that!

Step 4: Check out the Credit System in EasyRetweet

With your free account, you will notice that you start getting free credits as you follow others and as you RT their content. You can use this credits to give to others when they follow you and share your content. Also, be sure to add your email to your profile so that you can get and updates and free credits. EasyRetweet is very generous with rewards, so you will want to stay in the loop.

Step 5: Grow Your Influential Relationship on

Visit Commun.It to sign up for your free trial and check out the features. It is ok if you are not considered an expert or guru during your first few days of trying out this tool, but try to check in often during the trial period and check out the analytics and relationship building benefits of the tool before making your decision. Right away, after creating your account, you should be able to see any Tweeps who have mentioned your or messaged you to which you have not responded. This gives you an opportunity, right then and there, to respond and thank them or converse with them.

Step 6: Analyze What Works, Using

While in your interface, you can set up terms to monitor, or your blog and monitor who is tweeting your content, based on the words that you ask to track. Then, you can analyze the impressions and the reach of your content and see what works and what does not, in your viral efforts.

Step 7: Check Daily To Follow Up With Tweeps, using

For those of us desiring a helpful tool, but wanting to give our Tweeps a relationship and not an automated bot using Twitter, offers that capability giving you a command central to log in and converse and build relationships with those people you choose. helps you by flagging these tweeps for you.

Final Thoughts and Action Steps

Check out >>
Twitter Relationship Management Solution: and Turns Twitter Into A True Relationship Tool

Check out this Communi.It How-To video by John Paul Aguiar below (Thanks, John Paul!):

As you can see, these two tools help you to:

  • Save Time.
  • Work Efficiently.
  • Be Relational.

It really does make Twitter easier...

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#SocialCafe Twitter Chat Announcement

This SocialWebCafe Twitter Event is about How To Make #Twitter Easier.

How%20To%20Make%20%23Twitter%20Easier%20%23SocialCafe%201.1 w/ %40SocialWebCafe %28Summary%29 %23SocialCafe

Sage Leader Courses for Entrepreneurs by Deborah E and Team
This event sponsored, in part, by our courses at Sage Leader where we offer courses for Entrepreneurs. We recommend our courses because we love you, as entrepreneurs and want to be there for you! DM me (Deborah) on Twitter to ask if there are any free courses available (limited time availability)...!

About this Topic/Event

Join us on Wednesday, August 8, 2012, at 4pm EDT, using hashtag #B2CTweet, to learn about tools that make twitter easy!

Read more here: Turns Twitter Into A True Relationship Tool.

We will be discussing and sharing ideas with you on ways that you can build Twitter relationships, and at the same time, spending less time doing it. We all know how important time is and we also know how beneficial it is to be effective with our use of time and efforts, so come join us on Wed to learn how you can benefit from "Tools To Make Twitter Easy!"

Twitter Event Details

  • Date:   08/08/2012
  • Time:   6:00 pm PST/PDT (9:00 pm EST/EDT).
  • Hashtag:   #SocialCafe

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Twitter Event Questions

    1. How can I use Twitter efficiently?
    1. What tools are available for Twitter management?
    1. How do I keep Twitter relational?
    1. How do I engage with Twitter?

Format: Q&A

For more information on the formats of Twitter Events and what we recommend as tools to join in the fun, please visit Twitter Event Instruction.

Have questions? Leave them in the comments or send a regular tweet to Deborah @SocialWebCafe.

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