Peanut-Free Safety Packs (Summary) #SocialCafe 1.18

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The giveaway code has been removed because the contest time has expired.

  1. Do you or anyone you know of allergies or special diet needs?

There are many allergies and special dietary needs that require modification of food preparation and an awareness of what to prepare and what not to prepare. A couple tweets are shown, below, in the summary.

  1. What resources do you use to accommodate dietary needs? Where do you shop?

There are many different answers to this question and good answers, at that! Check out the slideshow, above, to read all of them.

  1. Any special recipes that you use? Please share links!

Just like the previous question, check out the slideshow for even more ideas and resources.

  1. What are you looking for, to help you with dietary ideas for allergies, medical, or good health?

Some great questions and ideas for your quest for "more information."

Final Thoughts and Action Steps

Our participants had some wonderful ideas, from a look to the past, to the reference to a book for an 8-step food elimination program. We have come along way, and still going.

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