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#SocialCafe Chat Topic: PPC.org and Analytics w/ John Rampton

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  1. What is PPC? Do you use PPC campaigns?

Some of us use PPC advertising, while some of us do not. Many of us are wondering if it works for our business model. It would seem that if we were guaranteed 1000% return on our investment, we would all be doing it, but then, how effective would the PPC advertising model remain if everyone used it? As Scherrie puts it, she doesn't use it. @SMContrators mentions some favorable responses to using PPC.

  1. How do you analyze PPC? What are the analytics?

Analytics has proven to illustrate the "cleavage" point. @SMContractors references the video (above) where John Rampton talks about the level of analytics and detail in ad selection and presentation.

  1. How can you maximize the ROI on PPC?

According to John, he sets goals, in order to have measurable benchmarks in his PPC campaigns. That way, he can tell if he reaches it or not. While the conversion may not be an exact science, there are testable tactics that can determine a direction that will help give us a better ROI on our PPC costs.

  1. Where can you learn more about PPC?

When asked what PPC works well for and what tools can be used, John answered pointing us in the direction of what social media platform, in his opinion, works best for what approach.

Final Thoughts and Action Steps

So it seems, that Paid-Per-Click advertising, to some extent, remains a bit trial and error, and as Tony Greene puts it, "paid discovery." However, thanks to John Rampton and his site, PPC.org, you don't have to start from scratch and go it alone, but, rather, learn from some of those who have gone before and start (or continue) your PPC journey from, hopefully, a knowledgable starting point.

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This SocialWebCafe Twitter Event is about PPC.org and Analytics w/ John Rampton.

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About this Topic/Event

What is PPC? PPC stands for "Pay Per Click" and it is used in many advertising structures, including AdWords, Facebook Advertising, Twitter Advertising, and so much more. It has been around for awhile. John Rampton is an expert in the area of PPC and he is the founder of PPC.org.

John is joining us today, in the #SocialCafe chat, to answer your questions about PPC and to tell you about the wonderful services that are offered at his site, to help you maximize the return on your investment (ROI) and utilize PPC effectively as an advertising solution for your company or endeavor.

Twitter Event Details

  • Date:   12/26/2012
  • Time:   6:00 pm PST/PDT (9:00 pm EST/EDT).
  • Hashtag:   #SocialCafe

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Twitter Event Questions

    1. What is PPC? Do you use PPC campaigns?
    1. How do you analyze PPC? What are the analytics?
    1. How can you maximize the ROI on PPC?
    1. Where can you learn more about PPC?

Format: Q&A

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