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Social Buzz Club & SBC University
Social Buzz Club and Education - free replays with premium membership (affiliate link)

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  1. What are your experiences with Social Buzz Club? Or, what do you want to know about SBC?

Social Buzz Club is a platform used regularly by some, and yet-to-be-discovered by others. To really get a "feel" for the platform, watch the video, above.

  1. How can you use Social Buzz Club to expand your reach?

Great to hear that people value networking, when it comes to creating buzz. Social Buzz Club is particularly helpful in that level, helping with the buzz and an opportunity to create relationships, with the buzz group option.

  1. What features / benefits would you look for in a gamified sharing platform?

Like Kavita said, the rewards will be worth the effort. Fortunately, Social Buzz Club offers a free option, where you can play in the arena and give wings to those efforts.

  1. What am I going to implement in my buzz tactics, in the near future?

Let's all connect on Social Buzz Club, shall we? Let us know your username on SBC and I'll add you to my buzz group. What is a buzz group? It allows me to see what you would like shared, but looking specifically at your content.

Final Thoughts and Action Steps

Ah, such wonderful tweeps at our #SocialCafe #TBW twitter chats! See you next week :)

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