Social Sharing Buttons (Summary) #SocialCafe 2.6

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#SocialCafe Chat Topic: Social Sharing Buttons

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  1. How do you insert social share buttons on your site/blog (i.e. your designer does it, plugin, manual)?

It would seem that people do many different things, and not just the insertion of social buttons, but the use of other content-sharing methods which are related to the social platforms.

  1. What social buttons would you recommend that everyone have on their site?

There are many social platforms that we all agree on using, like Facebook and Twitter (ok, maybe not "all" agree). There are business platforms like LinkedIn. There are also some platforms that may deserve a second look. What do you think?

  1. What pet peeves would make your list, when using sharing buttons?

There are various pet peeves, from no share buttons (that is the time to get bookmarklets for your browser) to incorrectly configured share buttons (as in no settings configured).

  1. Any tips for other bloggers, on share buttons or what works for you, or what you would like to see more?

There are various tips out there. From the user perspective, as @moppetmissy said, she likes more buttons. And, on the technical side, the sky is the limit. But, please, people, when you install those Wordpress plugins, check the settings page. If it is confusing, find a friend or a blogger than can help you out for a few minutes and decipher/explain the settings. This will be much better than doing nothing at all.

Final Thoughts and Action Steps

Yes, we love social media, too. And, we love it when our chat topics are helpful and stimulate more blog posts. Glad to be of service ;)

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