Tools 10 * Twitter Chat Clients (Summary) #SocialCafe 3.20

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This Week’s Tool

Free Twitter Chat Archive with a Flair
Tweet Binder

Paid Archiving Tool for Twitter Chats (only three per month)
Tweet Archivst

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  1. What sorts of tools do you use for Twitter Chats?

I have to admit that I hadn’t thought of using Buffer for a Twitter Chat tool, but that is a really interesting solution. I’ll have to try it. Thanks, Da Vinci!

  1. What tips can you offer, as far as tools for Twitter Chats or Twitter Parties?

Da Vinci and I are in sync on this one - get organized and plan ahead (no matter what tool you use) when it comes to Twitter Chats (and Twitter Parties).

  1. Any ideas that have helped you to be more productive in tracking and participating in Twitter Chats?

TweetBinder doesn’t always get enough airtime or shout-outs, but it is definitely worth the peek.

Storify is pretty awesome, too, but it has been crashing lately (which, uh, sort of explains why some recent #SocialCafe Twitter Chats do not have Storify archives, eh?).

  1. What will you add to your repertoire of Twitter Chat tools and tips?

Yes, one of these years, Deborah is going to develop her own Twitter Chat Moderation tool! (Notice I said one of these years!... maybe decades).

Why? I mean, with all of the tools out there? Quite simply, I keep getting attached to a tool and then it breaks, stops being maintained, or simply goes away for good. I get it. People need funds to keep it going, so no complaints. But, I might throw my hat into the game so that I can keep it going for the rest of us (no promises... yet).

Final Thoughts and Action Steps

Yes, another Twitter Calendar! Oh, BTW - that one I do have my hat in the middle of preparing (did that even make sense?). I have a Twitter Calendar that I am developing as well. You can never have too many of them, right. But, definitely check out this calendar, too.

BTW - there is mention of RebelMouse throughout this chat. It is a phenomenal tool (and in fact, I think we cover it in one of the other #SocialCafe chats) but be forewarned that it is no longer free and as of mid-2017, the price tag went up to about $1200 per month... not joking... for real. Needless to say, we will not be paying $1200 for RebelMouse no matter how cool the tool is. There are several awesome AWESOME tools out there for even $100/mo so we would go for TWELVE of those first. No offense, RebelMouse.

Ok - later, tweeps. See you in the next #SocialCafe.

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