Twitter Hashtags, Tracking and Trending (Summary) #SocialCafe 1.2

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#SocialCafe Chat Topic: Twitter Hashtags, Tracking and Trending

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  1. What are Twitter hashtags and how do you use them?

We talked about what #hashtags are, and a history about how the Twitter #hashtag came about.

Here are a couple of links for the curious Twitter historian:

  1. How to Select Hashtags? What favorite hashtag do you use most often?

When it comes to selecting #hashtags, how do we do that? There are actually two parts to that, depending on if you are following a #hashtag or creating one.

How to DO #hashtags

  1. What makes #hashtags trend?

But, by all means, Stake Your Claim to your #Hashtag! As Gail Gardener, GrowMap tweets:

Here is a great article on Sprout Insight Blog, talking about How To Find The Best Twitter Hashtags.

  1. What Twitter Apps and Tools are available to track hashtags? How do you track hashtags?

Hashtags help us with a myriad of things, including, as Deborah Anderson, tweets...

Another handy #hashtag search tool, beyond the #Trending Topics on Twitter, is the use of Snapbird - Quick and Easy Twitter Search.

Also check out this article by Ann Smarty on Internet Marketing Ninjas: How To Intelligently Use Social Media Hashtags.

Final Thoughts and Action Steps

Here is a list of some tools and articles to check out...



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