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Gary Loper's Official Web Site

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In a nutshell, what is Gary Loper's Philosophy on Twitter?

We had a lovely chat with Gary Loper, Master of the Twitterverse, during our #SocialCafe chat today. There is no way to describe Gary in just a few words. He is marvelous! Watch the video, above, to see him live and in action. In the meantime, let's read some of his sage advice, here:

What about those Social Media Tools?

During our chat, we not only got to know Gary, but discussed tips of our own, as far as Twitter tools, strategies, and managing social media profiles. Hint: Stay tuned for our next series when we dig in deeper.

Social Media Tools

Gary, how would you compare the use of Twitter and the use of Facebook, as far as branding goes?

How to Contact Gary Loper

What if we want to learn more from Gary? You are in luck! Gary offers classes and consultations/coaching!

Final Thoughts and Action Steps

We do have fun on these chats, no matter what the topic! Thanks, Gail (@growmap) for the kind words!

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