2015 Tool Series 1 Wrap-Up Twitter Party! #SocialCafe 4.23

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#SocialCafe Chat Topic: 2015 Tool Series 1 Wrap-Up Twitter Party!

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This SocialWebCafe Twitter Event is about 2015 Tool Series 1 Wrap-Up Twitter Party!.

The giveaway code has been removed because the contest time has expired.

2015%20Tool%20Series%201%20Wrap-Up%20Twitter%20Party!%20%23SocialCafe%204.23 w/ %40SocialWebCafe http://sw.bcafe.co/eS 6/9 6p PT / 9p ET %23SocialCafe

This event sponsored, in part, by our wonderful friends at:
Commun.it for Twitter Relationship ManagementWe recommend them because we love them (and their tool) and not just because we are compensated. Try it for free!

About this Topic/Event

This has been a really fun tool series (aren’t they all?!). Tonight we get to celebrate the end of the first #SocialCafe tool series for the year 2015. (Don’t worry... more to come!).

If you haven’t already done so (i.e. you are visiting this page because we told you about all these wonderful giveaways!), be sure to enter to win the giveaways. The drawing closes about 10 minutes after the Twitter Chat portion (about 10 minutes into the hangout), so you still have time even when the event starts. Let’s do it!

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  • Date:   06/09/2015
  • Time:   6:00 pm PST/PDT (9:00 pm EST/EDT).
  • Hashtag:   #SocialCafe

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Twitter Event Questions

    1. Out of all of the tools we covered this series, what tools were the biggest surprises (i.e. learned the most)?
    1. What tools gave you the biggest challenges or still have questions?
    1. Any stories, case studies, anything to share (and impress the tool vendors) about the tools?
    1. What tools would you like to see in future #SocialCafe tool series?

Format: Q&A

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