Adrienne Smith’s Testimonial for Michael Anderson, Social Web Cafe Producer

Adrienne Smith, “Engagement Queen,” is a recognized thought leader in relationship marketing. She coaches people on how to do it authentically in their business. Recently, she sent this to us, as a testimonial to her experience with Michael Anderson, during the required “set-up call” for shows hosted by Deborah Anderson, which include the #SocialCafe hangouts.

Adrienne says…

I had the pleasure of being asked by the lovely Deborah Anderson of for an interview. She sent me some information for scheduling so I set that all up but she informed me that we had to schedule a sound and lighting check first. I’ve never done anything like this before with other interviews but after having met Michael and going through what he shared with me, I can see why it’s SO important if you’re interviewing people and relying on technology. I don’t shoot professional videos nor do I interview others. This means my home isn’t exactly set up for this sort of thing and my lighting and sound may not always be up to par. We’ve all probably been on Skype calls/video chats or Google Hangouts when everything that could go wrong constantly did.

Michael explained to me how to situate my monitor to go with the lighting I had in my room. He also explained why having headphones for the sound was much better. I received a great lesson in why all of this was so important. Anyone watching or listening to my interview in real time or after the fact doesn’t want to see me sitting in a dark room or not able to understand what I’m saying due to the sound on my end. I got a great education, I appreciated learning this from him, he was so nice to explain how and why this is important and I’m now excited for the interview next month.

A great thank you to Michael for helping me understand the importance of having a sound and lighting checks before the actual interview.

About the author: Deborah has been the source of many successful Twitter Chats, hiding in the background, sharing her vast knowledge, and masquerading as the forefront “expert,” when she is the actual SME and knowledge source. Take advantage of her knowledge, including the download of a non-Twitter-Chat “Boost Your Energy” ebook (absolutely free!).

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