Why Should Bloggers Care About SEO? (Summary) #SocialCafe 2.25

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#SocialCafe Chat Topic: Why Should Bloggers Care About SEO?

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  1. What is your idea of SEO?

We started by talking about what SEO is (and our thoughts).

  1. When using SEO, what do you struggle with the most?

We shared our struggles and what we wanted to know more about, in regards to SEO.

  1. What tips and tools have you found effective for implementing SEO?

We shared some of our thoughts about plugins that we use, tools that we would like to see, and anticipation for TBW training next week.

  1. What tips and techniques do you hope to implement, to enhance your SEO strategy?

We found that we want more information. We want to research. We want to know what the most effective strategies are. We also want to know what strategies are ineffective or simply time wasters. We want knowledge.

Final Thoughts and Action Steps

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