Blogging Business and Balance (Summary) #SocialCafe 2.23

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#SocialCafe Chat Topic: Blogging Business and Balance

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Hootsuite (affiliate link)


OrganiseMee (recommended by @toddinkc)

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  1. In what ways do you struggle with finding balance in blogging, business, and personal life?

The consensus seems to be that we do have struggles with balance, between work, play, family... We don't all have the exact same things we struggle with, but it seems that finding, and maintaining, balance is something we find helpful.

  1. What are some of effective ways you are balancing your blogging and business life?

We have come up with some creative ways to attain balance, including efficiency strategies, calendaring, using apps (especially those that help us to schedule things).

  1. What tips, tricks, and tools can you recommend to others facing struggles in balance?

Many recommendations for scheduling and ensuring that we insist on time for ourselves. That helps us to stay refreshed and ready to go (and able to recognize if we are off-kilter on our balance!

  1. What strategies have you learned today, that you will implement in the future?

What strategies have you learned today, that you will implement in the future?

Final Thoughts and Action Steps

As always, we had a lot of fun on the Twitter Chat/Hangout (aka Social Event) for Social Web Cafe TV. You will want to check out the video, and scan the slideshow to really get the feel of the chat. Better yet? Join us next Tuesday, 9p EDT on Twitter with the hashtags #SocialCafe and #TBW (dual hashtag chat). You will want to be a part of the fun :)

Ah! Thanks, Charles :)

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