Blog/Site Security 2 * Discovering VaultPress (Summary) #SocialCafe 3.7

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#SocialCafe Chat Topic: Blog/Site Security 2 * Discovering VaultPress

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  1. How familiar are you with the VaultPress security platform?

Many of us hadn’t heard of VaultPress before this evening, but we are all ears now ;)

  1. What features would be most desirable in a platform like VaultPress?

It seems there is a consensus that we like things like ease of use as well as dependability. After all, why have a software that is protecting us if it doesn’t work consistently, eh?

  1. What features would you like added to a product like VaultPress?

I think we are still stuck on listing what we like :) For example, the features it already has and the affordable price!

  1. How has this inspired you in your blog security endeavors?

Like Stacie says, it is something that is getting added to our list, eh?

Final Thoughts and Action Steps

As always, we DO love our #SocialCafe Community! Thanks, all!

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