Goals and Time Management for My Blog #SocialCafe 7.29

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#SocialCafe Chat Topic: Goals and Time Management for My Blog

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Welcome to our discussion about blog management and time management, in general. Granted, we don't have time (get it, time?) to cover the details of how to manage either of these precisely, but can certainly share some thoughts, eh?

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How many blog posts should one write, per month, for a successful blog? How should that be calculated?

True we are talking about time management tonight but that directly relates to our blog management and how many blog posts we can write...

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How should a blogger identify and define their blog’s target audience?

We need to look at our niche and the purpose of our blog, as well as if it is personal or business, as Con reminds us.

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How much time does it take (or should it take) in managing a blog (including the writing and the maintenance)?

To some degree, determining how much time it takes to manage a blog is trial and error. No two people are alike. So, track the time it takes YOU and use that as your basis. You can always improve as your skill set improves and you find new ways to be more efficient.

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How should a blogger define the balance for his/her blog (not too much work and not too little)?

Success needs to be in the eyes of the beholder, or in our case, the blogger. So while it is true we aim to please our audience, ultimately it is YOU who needs to determine the balance that is right for you (and your family and factors you choose).

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Does a blogger need a coach or a training program for blogging and how do they determine if that is the case?

Con has even volunteered to coach! Of course, you would have to ask him what his rates are on that. For now, he needs to head out as his leash pulls him at half past :)

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What is an editorial calendar? How does a blogger know if they need one?

Some people find editorial calendars very helpful in keeping a person organized but it may not be for everyone.

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How does a blogger ensure a Return on Investment (ROI) with his/her blog?

Ultimately, it is up to you to determine if you are getting what you want out of blogging. Remember, it isn’t all about money for all people and that is ok.

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Should a blogger take any other courses, beyond blogging course and if so, how do they determine which ones?

Based on the response on our tweets this evening, the #SocialCafe community seems to agree that SEO training is not a bad thing for a blogger!

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Ok, now I want to brag about what I do well! My #ShamelessPlug is ______

And, we love to give back here at #SocialCafe, so here is your chance to brag!

Final Thoughts and Action Steps

This gives us a chance to think about how we can improve our efficiency in blogging (or if we even want to improve it!). Stay tuned for next week when we talk about monetizing that blog! Got any ideas?

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Whether we are an organizational freak or not, we could probably agree that it sometimes helps us to be more efficient, eh? What about our blog? Are there some organizational and administration tips that we can share with our fellow #SocialCafe community members?

Let's talk organization. Sometimes you learn some tips and sometimes you share some tips... All here at #SocialCafe :)

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