An Introduction to Instagram Stories >> Why Should We Care?

With all of the live video platforms that have come (and in some cases gone), including Periscope, Blab, SnapChat, Facebook Live, and now Instagram Stories, we may be wondering why we should care.

I mean, Blab is already gone from the social landscape.  How do we know that Instagram Stories will stick around at all?

We don’t.  Do we know anything about what will stick and what will not?

And, what are Instagram Stories?

Probably, the easiest way to think of Instagram Stories is to compare it to SnapChat, but the video part is not required.

Yeah, confusing since we started this article with the mention of live video, eh?  Well, that was to ease in the comparison with SnapChat.

If you are not an avid user of SnapChat and its temporary video chats, then possibly, the whole idea of Instagram Stories seems odd.  The fact that they self-destruct after one hour may seem strange indeed.

However, if you are a SnapChat addict, the Instagram Stories may actually be appealing.  I mean, you can throw up (no I don’t mean what that sounds like) an Instagram Story in a short amount of time without pulling out any video gear.

If you are shy and don’t want to put yourself on camera, this is an opportunity to engage in the fun of what a platform like SnapChat provides, with the tools that you have already grown accustomed to in Instagram.

Here are some reasons why this may appeal to the online business owner:

  1. It is new (or newish) and always beneficial for those who jump on the bandwagon sooner than later.
  2. Instagram stories give that sense of real-time like you are accessible to your community right then and there.
  3. They are featured right at the top of your IG feed… pretty cool, eh?

There is much more to IG Stories than this, but this is a start and we can grow from here.  That would include learning the other features of IG Stories.

About the author: Deborah has been the source of many successful Twitter Chats, hiding in the background, sharing her vast knowledge, and masquerading as the forefront “expert,” when she is the actual SME and knowledge source. Take advantage of her knowledge, including the download of a non-Twitter-Chat “Boost Your Energy” ebook (absolutely free!).

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