#SEO: What Should We Be Doing? (Summary) #SocialCafe 3.24

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  1. We know the acronym, but what is the #SEO of today.. what does it mean to you?

Great answers to this question! Inspiring, I dare say! Jennifer, I like how you pointed out the importance of that catchy headline. That is truly important in #SEO. It isn’t the only thing, but it is definitely important and if you have to start by focusing on one thing, that is a great place to start. And, Farrah? Yes, know your audience! I’ve been guilty of being too academic and losing my audience when I don’t pay attention.. lol

  1. What can we focus on, that is easy and enough #SEO to help us rank?

Great point, Marisa! It is called connecting with those influencers in social media! Great observation. And, there is an interesting symbiotic relationship between social media marketing and SEO. Too deep to delve into in this paragraph, now, but suffice it to say it exists :)

  1. Are there any #SEO tips/articles that we have found helpful?

Great points, peeps! I couldn’t have said it better myself! Farrah, you nailed it again, with the reminder that we should use keywords that people actually use. Otherwise, what is the point, right? No one will find us (as you mentioned). And, Mark, great place to start when putting together your content (i.e. writing your articles), meeting that need that exists for your target audience.

  1. What will we be adding to our list for future #SEO endeavors (training, tips, etc.)?

I like that, Bree. Rather than fretting over what we may or may not have, use what you have to your full advantage, as in the cup is half full, right? And, Mark, I couldn’t agree more with the SEO/SEM investment being an important one! I also like how you mentioned the time factor. Personally, I may write quickly, but that can be misleading. In other words, one should sit down prepared to make the necessary investment rather than trying to just knock out an article in 30 seconds.

Final Thoughts and Action Steps

Some great articles to help you with #SEO. Thanks, Marisa! Thanks, #SocialCafe Community!

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