Social Media Goals (Summary) #SocialCafe 3.3

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  1. Have you figured out your 2014 social media/promotion goals? If so, what are they?

Some of us are just starting to look at our social media goals for 2014 and some of us are getting an idea of what direction we want to take our social media marketing efforts, as in more interactive. Yay!

  1. What process did you use, to come up with the goals (course, advice)? What do you think you may add to that list?

Process? We look at what we have done before and identify what has worked (and what hasn't). We also develop benchmarks and goals after taking the time to do some brainstorming (very effective, btw).

  1. How do you plan to measure your social media efforts, throughout the year, to see if you are attaining those goals?

It looks like taking a peek on the first of the month is a popular method of analysis. Now, the question is how? Screenshots, as Stacie suggests and it looks like Taylor has it down, too.

  1. After this chat, what do you think you will be implementing into your 2014 promotion planning and goal-setting?

Can't make money without spending money, eh? Sometimes it is a hard lesson to learn, but it pays off in the end (no pun intended... lol).

Final Thoughts and Action Steps

We are still finding our balance when it comes to just how much analysis to do. There is a fine line between too much and not enough and it seems that each of us knows what is best for our scenario, eh?

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