#SocialCafe 2.3 Chat Transcript

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#SocialCafe Chatting With @Dragonblogger

#SocialCafe Chatting With @Dragonblogger

Q&A Discussing blogging topics Special Guest: Justin Germino @Dragonblogger . Host: Deborah * Social Web Cafe @SocialWebCafe

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  5. Welcome to the #SocialCafe Chat at our weekly Wed 3pm EST (8p GMT)
  6. A1 Personally, mine are just to have fun with blogging, continue engaging readers and give away more gadgets for the fans. #socialcafe
  7. A1 I also have a resolution to switch to a new more efficient, leaner Wordpress theme and reduce pageload times for site. #socialcafe
  8. @dragonblogger I like the engaging part.. You mentioned, in a comment on @BasicBlogTips about person versus entity... #SocialCafe
  9. @socialwebcafe Yeah, I try to connect with people not just present a brand, I am my blog, my blog is me. #socialcafe
  10. @socialwebcafe A huge portion of my blogging time now involves just communication via social media #socialcafe
  11. Join us and ask your questions related to blogging, ask anything remember no dumb questions. #socialcafe
  12. @dragonblogger Do you find that you spend more time interacting than managing the blog? #SocialCafe
  13. @socialwebcafe Probably, my time to create new content has gone down, but the engagement level is equally important. #socialcafe
  14. @socialwebcafe This is why I have staff writers though, to help keep content coming while I keep up with the social aspects too #socialcafe
  15. However, even with my reduced writing time, I still do 20-25 articles per month myself. #socialcafe
  16. @dragonblogger Do you have a system? Like 5 articles in one sitting, or do you have a goal of abt 1 article per day? #SocialCafe
  17. @socialwebcafe I wish it was that consistent, it is more like no articles for 2 days, 3 articles on day 3..etc #socialcafe
  18. @socialwebcafe As many of my articles are gadget reviews lately, they take time, a lot of time. #socialcafe
  19. @socialwebcafe I just make sure at least 1 article per day is scheduled and published on my site, my goal is 3 per day #socialcafe
  20. @dragonblogger How long does it take to write a review? I remember Ann Smarty mentioning 5 hrs for a Mashable article. ;) #SocialCafe
  21. @socialwebcafe My recent review of the I'm Watch took about 4-5 hours, so about right. #socialcafe
  22. Q2 What would be on your blogging wishlist (software, skills, hopes, dreams...)? #SocialCafe
  23. @socialwebcafe Some software with limited functionality I can review faster, games can require longer play to review #socialcafe
  24. @socialwebcafe After all to review a FULL game you have to complete full game and that could take 20-80 hours. #socialcafe
  25. @dragonblogger Although, that sounds fun, to play the games and you mentioned being able to play some with your kids.. #SocialCafe
  26. A2: A new WP theme, new leaner theme, almost found what I am looking for, needs some tweaks. #socialcafe
  27. A2: More writers as well, just brought on a new writer yesterday. #socialcafe
  28. @socialwebcafe Yes, I am avoiding Thesis or Genesis framework at this time myself. #socialcafe
  29. #socialcafe I love the optimize press theme but still would love to see a drag and drop with better plug in options
  30. #socialcafe A Windows update was dominating my system... Need to plan those.
  31. I just implemented Thesis 2 and it takes awhile to convert it, but it is a developer's dream. Drag/drop/boxes... #SocialCafe
  32. I have wanted to experiment with it, but I don't have time for the overhead, going for a new minimalist approach #socialcafe
  33. Q3 Where do you go for help with your blogging needs (resources, communities, etc.) #SocialCafe
  34. @dragonblogger Yeah, there is a LOT of overhead on implementation, but I'm find a time savings on maintenance. #SocialCafe
  35. A3: Google search first, then post questions on Facebook usually one of the blogging related groups like Blog Engage next. #socialcafe
  36. @CarlaWynn2012 There are a couple out there, like wishlist and s2member. I like s2member because you can try-b4-u-buy #SocialCafe
  37. @CarlaWynn2012 If you need a lot of tutorials, you may prefer wishlist. It is higher priced, but may be easier to implement. #SocialCafe
  38. @dragonblogger That's a good point, posting questions versus statements. For engagement or answers to specific questions? #SocialCafe
  39. @CarlaWynn2012 I actually have not looked at or researched membership plugins yet myself. #socialcafe
  40. #socialcafe I will be strictly consulting from this point. So glad I made up my mind
  41. #socialcafe I have tried S2 membership it seems to fit for most of my clients.
  42. #socialcafe Would love to connect on Facebook I am grounded for 10 more hours.
  43. @CarlaWynn2012 I think the only thing that S2 doesn't make as clear is how to show/hide content based on membership... #SocialCafe
  44. @nowsourcing Brian - where do you go for answers to any blogging (or other) questions? Google, forums.. #SocialCafe
  45. @CarlaWynn2012 Hmm, I don't know about SEO but the new Facebook Social Search is making big time news. #socialcafe
  46. Q4 What is your advice to new bloggers (or your “key to success”)? #SocialCafe
  47. RT @dragonblogger: Join us and ask your questions related to blogging, ask anything remember no dumb questions. #socialcafe
  48. #socialcafe I saw that this morning. Facebook may give Google a good run, but still have a long way to go. IMO
  49. @CarlaWynn2012 Maybe that depends on who one thinks is ahead to start with <wink> ;) #SocialCafe
  50. @dragonblogger #socialcafe Hey Justin, et al! My first time in here. Greetings from the frozen Bayou State. :-)
  51. @FleurdeB Welcome! Do you have any blogging questions burning on your mind? #SocialCafe
  52. A4: Write about what you are passionate about, it is hard to build routine if you are not enthused about what you write about. #socialcafe
  53. #socialcafe How important are tags and categories when blogging for visibility
  54. @socialwebcafe #socialcafe I've been blogging a couple years now, just the one centered on special diets w a vegan slant.
  55. @CarlaWynn2012 I use them more like organizational tools, categories to help readers navigate site. #socialcafe
  56. @socialwebcafe #socialcafe unless you count some of my article series as blogging, then I cover country life, gardening and art, too.
  57. @CarlaWynn2012 Yeah, like @dragonblogger said, I use it for navigation. Though, tags do help with SEO. cc: @ErenMckay #SocialCafe
  58. @socialwebcafe #socialcafe I love hashtags. I have to watch not to overdo it. I think overtagging wears out readers' eyes.
  59. @FleurdeB You mean like those tweets that have one word and the rest are hashtags? :) #SocialCafe
  60. @socialwebcafe #socialcafe Exactly! They may hit trends and generate readership, but as a reader, I resent the wear and tear on my eyes.
  61. @socialwebcafe #socialcafe We have to consider that much of the population is either aging or buried in reports & drowning in social m edia.
  62. MT @FleurdeB: "I resent the wear and tear on my eyes." <-- I hear ya #SocialCafe
  63. @FleurdeB I actually enjoy writing posts, the promoting I leave to automation for the most part (bad I know) #socialcafe
  64. Missed the #SocialCafe chat? Stay tuned for Tweets letting your know the archive/summary is ready.
  65. @dragonblogger But, there are also only so many hours per day, so automation is sometimes necessary. #SocialCafe
  66. @socialwebcafe I agree, but you trade off the "Human" element with time preservation and efficiency. Balance is key. #socialcafe
  67. Thank u for joining this week's #SocialCafe Twitter Chat. Feel free to keep chatting, just wanted to let you know we appreciate u!
  68. @dragonblogger @socialwebcafe #socialcafe I need to study up on automation. Discovered TED talks & a 2013 Trend Report. Getting ideas!
  69. I agree! @dragonblogger I agree, but you trade off the "Human" element with time preservation and efficiency. Balance is key #socialcafe
  70. @FleurdeB I wouldn't be nearly as efficient in blogging, Gremln, Hootsuite, Dlvr.it INVALUABLE tools for me. #socialcafe
  71. #socialcafe for all of my followers who see this we have Tweet Chats each week at the same time with a guest Tweeter! It's a fun forum.
  72. Hey Brian here from The Dragoncast over @dragonblogger. How's everyone doing tonight? #socialcafe
  73. Oh and in case those do not know The Dragoncast is a podcast that I host over at  http://dragonblogger.com .csocialcafecafe

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