#SocialCafe 2.44 Chat Transcript

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Vine Video #SocialCafe #TBW

Vine Video #SocialCafe #TBW

Topic: Vine Video. Hosts: Deborah @SocialWebCafe and Da Vinci @TheBlogWorkshop

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  2. --------------- The Chat: ---------------
  3. Excited for the twitter chat to start. 27 minutes and counting. Brilliant for anyone interested in promoting their blog online. #socialcafe
  4. MT @LemonHive Excited for the twitter chat to start. Brilliant for anyone interested in promoting their blog online. #socialcafe
  5. Welcome to the #SocialCafe #TBW Chat at our weekly Tues 6pm PDT / 9p EDT slot.
  6. @MoppetMissy Glad you 'MT'd - didn't know what it meant. Google + you taught me something new. Thanks :) #SocialCafe
  7. @CarlySvets Glad you are here, u picked a really great week to join, we r talking about #vine vidoes #SocialCafe
  8. Confession: U know how what happens in Vegas stays there? I got mixed up & left my brain there! #pubcon #SocialCafe #TBW
  9. Hi I'm Allison and I'm a student in #Comm3334 at The Ohio State University and am hoping to learn a lot tonight! #socialcafe
  10. @LemonHive Oh, I love newbies. I get so "academic" that it's refreshing to have real questions. I tip my hat to u #SocialCafe #TBW
  11. @Allison_Roda Welcome Allison! Ask questions, too and we will answer them :) #SocialCafe #TBW
  12. @Allison_Roda Hi, Allison, welcome to the chat. U ready to chat and learn about #vine videos? #SocialCafe
  13. @Joannenyc5 Hi Joanne! I love how you include your link. More of us need to do that. Great idea! #SocialCafe #TBW
  14. @socialwebcafe some deducing and I figured it out. I was watching an old web cafe video, ready to chat vine #sillyme #SocialCafe
  15. Did Instagram introduce the video component before vine came out? #socialcafe
  16. is vine available for android yet? Frustrating that I'd have to use my ipad only :( #SocialCafe
  17. @socialwebcafe I won't be able to join this time either :) Good luck with the chat #SocialCafe
  18. @LemonHive I never even considered that it only worked on apple products! #socialcafe
  19. @CarlySvets afterwards, for sure! Vine wasn't a great success. video on instagram was. #SocialCafe
  20. I can see how people were backed off at first..how much can you do with 6 seconds? #apparentlyalot #socialcafe
  21. @LemonHive So, here is the plan: I create a video from the twitter chat, with "extras" #SocialCafe #TBW Ex: t.co/0x7nQGJHau
  22. @LemonHive Oh, oops on me! We will start the accompanying hangouts in Nov ;) #SocialCafe #TBW
  23. @CarlySvets I haven't tried downloading it for android in a while, but availability may have changed. #SocialCafe
  24. Q1 In what ways has Vine helped your 6 second videos go viral? #SocialCafe #TBW
  25. @LemonHive @CarlySvets I disagree. Vine was definitely a success and what prompted IG to add video #SocialCafe #TBW
  26. .@socialwebcafe How can someone use Vine to best promote their business or brand? #socialcafe
  27. Good point! #vine MT @CarlySvets I can see how people were backed off..how much can you do with 6 seconds? #apparentlyalot #socialcafe
  28. Q1 In what ways has Vine helped your 6 second videos go viral? #SocialCafe #TBW
  29. @socialwebcafe it's such a huge trend now..everyone is talking about "that funny vine" they even post it on FB! #socialcafe
  30. A1 Honestly, as much as I am into video and that is my life, I don't use Vine as much. #SocialCafe #TBW
  31. @TheBlogWorkshop it was a success but not in the way they anticipated it. Many things I've read indicate it was a bust! #SocialCafe
  32. Hi! Us comm kids @Allison_Roda are ready to learn a few things about vine #socialcafe! Maybe I should make one first..
  33. @socialwebcafe I don't use vine much either..I'm more into IG but I've only uploaded one video vs hundreds of pictures #socialcafe
  34. A1: #Vine has helped videos go viral ,i think b/c ppl have short attention span, of about go figure 6 seconds. lol #SocialCafe
  35. I need to utilize Vine more than just doing videos of the kids. #SocialCafe #TBW
  36. @MoppetMissy I totally agree! Sometimes the 15 seconds IG offers is too long #socialcafe
  37. I've noticed a lot of health and fitness professionals taking advantages of video apps to educate their followers #socialcafe
  38. Are there any brands who are known for their vining? Not surprising companies hopped on the trend #socialcafe
  39. @CarlySvets i dnt mean to insult anyone but sometime ppl have the attention span of a goldfish, which wrks to #Vine advantage #SocialCafe
  40. @MoppetMissy I agree I definitely am one of those people! If they can get the point across in 6 seconds why do the same in 15? #socialcafe
  41. @maxsharp614 Hi Max. Welcome :) They r fun to make (she says as she has x number to her name) #SocialCafe #TBW
  42. I even checked Fiverr to see if people are offering to make vines. They only seem to offer sharing #SocialCafe #TBW
  43. How are brands taking advantage of vine to showcase their products/services? #socialcafe
  44. Where I see the value in Vine is embedding as "Post Image" Like, dripping spaghetti sauce for recipe #SocialCafe #TBW
  45. Q2 What Vine methods are you using to distribute your mini-videos effectively? #SocialCafe #TBW
  46. From what I've seen more people tend to use vine vs brands... but with the addition of video to IG there was a migration #SocialCafe #TBW
  47. @Carly Yeah I know what u mean about #vine on FB, there are everywhere! #SocialCafe
  48. IG video definitely stunted the growth of Vine in my humble opinion #SocialCafe #TBW
  49. @socialwebcafe I've noticed a lot of vine video sharing via FB..that non vine users can view them! #socialcafe
  50. Q2 What Vine methods are you using to distribute your mini-videos effectively? #SocialCafe #TBW
  51. A2 I love using the embeds from the video. Great way to replace images with videos. #SocialCafe #TBW
  52. @TheBlogWorkshop so true I got vine and didnt use it IG video came out a week later! #SocialCafe
  53. #Vine is still a great resource and still gets a lot of viral play which is why we included it today :) #SocialCafe #TBW
  54. A2 I would like to get more into doing Product Review Videos and Vine could be one platform I use for that! #SocialCafe
  55. Found this article online talking about the reasoning behind why @twitter bought @vineapp t.co/UPK87lp46K #socialcafe
  56. A2: Really I haven't distributed any of my own #vines, but i use twitter to share other ppl's vines #SocialCafe
  57. A2. Social Social Social! We definitely use them in blog posts, twitter is BIG for Vine #SocialCafe #TBW
  58. @TheBlogWorkshop I know i feel so cool, when i post #vine videos in twitter. People just flock to these vidoes #SocialCafe
  59. For those of u weird as me: I recorded this off an IG: t.co/OFPhwDkaW7 #SocialCafe #TBW (Featuring: Da Vinci & Stuie!)
  60. @TheBlogWorkshop I've seen this one before! Love it, can't get this song out of my head, whenever i see gummy worm. lol #SocialCafe
  61. @smir_ch Good idea! Welcome Eric - the one who introduced me to Fiverr and his awesome services :) #SocialCafe #TBW
  62. Smart when people want to see more humor/entertainment and leas promotions/products #socialcafe t.co/MRFurotiXe
  63. Q3 How has the availability of 15 sec instagram videos affected your usage of Vine? #SocialCafe #TBW
  64. I prefer watching vine videos over IG videos they are more to the point #vine #socialcafe @socialwebcafe
  65. almost forgot to mention my "crazy idea" Crazy bcuz time involved for me! Let me know if u want free Udemy course on vid! #SocialCafe #TBW
  66. Q3 How has the availability of 15 sec instagram videos affected your usage of Vine? #SocialCafe #TBW
  67. I like that IG allows to go to 7+ sec, but one doesn't have to... keep it short #SocialCafe #TBW
  68. A3. since IG adds more time I use it more.  I do a lot of event intros on IG for @YourLifeAfter25 http://t.co/yXGmzTWZ2s - #SocialCafe #TBW
    A3. since IG adds more time I use it more. I do a lot of event intros on IG for @YourLifeAfter25 t.co/yXGmzTWZ2s - #SocialCafe #TBW
  69. So, on free video course, I'm offering (if u want it) to compile tips for video & marketing only if u want it free :) #SocialCafe #TBW
  70. A3 Oh wow! Affected! Also, instagram allows pre-produced vids. #SocialCafe #TBW
  71. Alot of people i know watch #vine, though 6 second is a bit short even for me. I like to watch Vine compilations on Youtube #SocialCafe
  72. The advantage Vine has is they're easily played on twitter where as IG always requires you to click the link #SocialCafe #TBW
  73. MT @socialwebcafe So, on #free video course, I'm offering (if u want it) to compile tips for video & marketing :) #SocialCafe #TBW
  74. MT @TheBlogWorkshop The adv Vine has is they're easily played on twitter where as IG always requires you to click the link #SocialCafe
  75. Vine + Twitter works because their users tend to process information for speed. Perfect marriage #SocialCafe #TBW
  76. When using your Social profiles it's ALWAYS important to recognize their user types so you can be more effect #SocialCafe #TBW :)
  77. If you want the free course, let me know here: t.co/vdKpRV9ymf #SocialCafe #TBW (It's also a way for me to know who to invite)
  78. Social Web Cafe TV: Marketing Momentum w/Charles & Deborah: new episode Thu #SocialCafe #TBW
  79. Video on IG and Vine is intimidating. Where should newbies even start? #SocialCafe
  80. A3: I don't personally watch vids on instagram often, mostly i just watch a lot of short #vine videos... #SocialCafe #tbw
  81. Newbies should probably just get familiar with the apps before creating their own videos @LemonHive #socialcafe
  82. Q4 What changes will you be making toward helping mini-vids go viral after this chat? #SocialCafe #TBW
  83. @alinterpretatio LOL IG is Facebook, Facebook buys everything to knockoff or integrate or delete... like Google ;) #SocialCafe #TBW
  84. Thanks for a great time and all the info! Must be heading out a little early tonight! #socialcafe
  85. @CarlySvets @LemonHive Great tips, become familiar, then think about your content you provide & try doing quick snippets. #SocialCafe #TBW
  86. A4: I'll actually start doing vids in 2014. I don't want to, but I'll just have to get comfortable. #SocialCafe #TBW #NotReady4MyCloseup LOL
  87. @CarlySvets @LemonHive Don't be afraid to see what's popular in your niche and then make it your own :) #SocialCafe #TBW
  88. @CarlySvets Hey thanks, Carly, for all of the info and for allowing us to get to know you :) Have fun! #SocialCafe #TBW
  89. @PinkMama68 Sounds good, if that's working for you best stick to it but I would try adding a few videos on IG here & there #SocialCafe #TBW
  90. @TheBlogWorkshop @CarlySvets Moving pictures is harder to control than stills. But sometimes you do have to challenge yourself. #socialcafe
  91. Q4 What changes will you be making toward helping mini-vids go viral after this chat? #SocialCafe #TBW
  92. @alinterpretatio Hey there. How r u? So, what can we do to help? Do u have to do person vids? #SocialCafe #TBW (i.e. presentation...)
  93. A4 I'm going to learn how to have fun instead of having everything planned ;) #SocialCafe #TBW
  94. At the end of the day we all know having tons of social profiles can be intimidating. Find what works best for you! #SocialCafe #TBW
  95. @LemonHive No kidding! Took like 3 hr to vid a vid (Vine of IG) #SocialCafe #TBW ... for 6 seconds!
  96. @socialwebcafe haha! glad that I am not alone with making things last longer than they should! #SocialCafe
  97. @socialwebcafe Webinars, yes. My yacking thru slides, then Q&A. Gotta get comfy with video. Blech LOL #SocialCafe #TBW
  98. @TheBlogWorkshop Amen, girl! Social advice: Claim ur name, but then use the profiles that work for u (not all of them) #SocialCafe #TBW
  99. @socialwebcafe likewise, since we have so much structure on other things we tend to just have fun with IG #SocialCafe #TBW
  100. A4: Take note on how the pros out there r going viral, and stay current, with what the viewing audience want #SocialCafe #TBW
  101. @LemonHive Nah, my addicted-to-quality gets me in trouble constantly! #SocialCafe #TBW
  102. #socialcafe How do you think a brand like Sephora benefits from Vine?
  103. @TheBlogWorkshop Yeah, a little less structure sounds good and Vine seems to have that quality. #SocialCafe #TBW
  104. @alinterpretatio patience young grasshopper ;) we're all growing and learning day by day! #SocialCafe #TBW
  105. .@smir_ch Image is at the heart of @Sephora products and @vineapp helps to capture image within a very short time span. #socialcafe
  106. @alinterpretatio Hey if you want to practice, set up a 15 minuter w/us and we can chat on vid. #SocialCafe #TBW t.co/SCkpHXkGJg
  107. @smir_ch Good question! 1) consumer engagement & 2) good marriage w/impulse buying (like we women do w/makeup) #SocialCafe #TBW
  108. It seems #sephora does to well b/c the know how appeal to youth & many audiences at same time: t.co/p0tPnhVRzR #SocialCafe #wicked
  109. I guess I never thought of 6 sec as "enough" to cover a task, but it works! #SocialCafe #TBW (ok, where is my iphone...)
  110. So, how many of u will be creating vines and using them in articles (instead of images)? #SocialCafe #TBW
  111. Next week we we will continue our video series: Instagram! #SocialCafe #TBW
  112. And, if u want training (free for u all), "vote" by commenting at t.co/vdKpRV9ymf #SocialCafe #TBW
  113. Another awesome chat guys! Thanks for joining us. Next week we'll be discussing IG Videos :) #SocialCafe #TBW
  114. Missed the #SocialCafe ? Stay tuned for Tweets letting your know the archive/summary is ready. #TBW
  115. Thank u for joining us for #SocialCafe #TBW Twitter Chat. Feel free to keep chatting, just wanted to let you know we appreciate u!
  116. @socialwebcafe Thank u for joining us for #SocialCafe #TBW Twitter Chat. We appreciate you too!
  117. Thanks, @Allison_Roda :) It is something I look 4ward to every week-Hope to see u again, too (but no pressure, of course!) #SocialCafe #TBW
  118. Who Took My Internet? * Marketing Momentum w/Charles & Deborah - #SocialCafe t.co/86gZlRA35Q
  119. How To Maintain Your Online Presence When Your Community Manager Goes On Vacation t.co/RfZaCWFhcl via @SocialWebCafe #SocialCafe
  120. @socialwebcafe Sorry I missed #socialcafe but I was at an event. If you have a transcript or Storify recap, I'll check it out. #thanks
  121. Tweeting For Aspiring Artists-Tips From Social Media Experts - #SocialCafe t.co/NdlIIJmJOT
  122. Keep On Keepin’ On * Marketing Momentum w/Charles & Deborah - #SocialCafe t.co/mU211G9mhj
  123. YouTube & Wirecasting * Marketing Momentum w/Charles & Deborah - #SocialCafe t.co/lEQy9bQzHd
  124. เปิดผมหน่อยอะไรหน่อย #nofilter #peemak #socialcafe @ STUDIO DIR4 TV http://t.co/gTPP76nBsx
    เปิดผมหน่อยอะไรหน่อย #nofilter #peemak #socialcafe @ STUDIO DIR4 TV t.co/gTPP76nBsx
  125. มาเที่ยวเล่น เจอพี่แอมแปร์ กะ พี่ปุ้ยด้วย กรี๊ดดดดดดด #socialcafe #adidasoriginal #adidasthailand http://t.co/bjeceP7Wu0
    มาเที่ยวเล่น เจอพี่แอมแปร์ กะ พี่ปุ้ยด้วย กรี๊ดดดดดดด #socialcafe #adidasoriginal #adidasthailand t.co/bjeceP7Wu0
  126. 5 Steps In Which A QR Code True To Its Name Can Fetch You The Quick Response You Desire! - #SocialCafe t.co/YKDOFWmhzs
  127. The Paradox of "Less is More" * Marketing Momentum w/Charles & Deborah - #SocialCafe t.co/6UddzVlKp5

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