#SocialCafe 4.31 Chat Transcript

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PJ Smith @PenelopeJane360 & List-a-Palooza #SocialCafe

PJ Smith @PenelopeJane360 & List-a-Palooza #SocialCafe

  1. @SaidByAlisha TY so much for joining us.. #SocialCafe is actually happening on Thus at 3p PDT / 6p EDT.. would love to see u then:)
  2. @ChatSalad TY so much. #socialcafe actually meets on Thu 3p PDT / 6p EDT. So appreciate it if you can still send these out at that time :)
  3. How's everyone's week going so far, anyone done or going to do anything exciting? #beautytalk #socialcafe #tbw
  4. Hi all.. Just a reminder that #SocialCafe happens on Thu (not tonight anymore) 3p PDT / 6p EDT see you there!
  5. @NeilKokemuller @PamMktgNut @splashmedialp Thank you so much for the shout out ;) Actually, in June, #SocialCafe moved to Thu 5p CDT
  6. OK - so those are the topics, so far, that were covered in list-a-palooza. About 9 or so more. #SocialCafe
  7. #Topic20 Creative List-Building and Launching with Jeanna Gabellini #SocialCafe
  8. #Topic19 List-Building Strategies for Health and Wellness Professionals! with Dr. Ritamarie Loscalzo #SocialCafe
  9. #Topic17 How to QUADRUPLE Your Leads & Explode Your Sales with Travis Ketchum #SocialCafe
  10. #Topic16 How to Easily and Quickly Build Your Email List With Instagram! with Sarah Davidson #SocialCafe
  11. #Topic15 How to Add 1,000+ Subscribers a Month as a Guest Expert with Morgana Rae #SocialCafe
  12. #Topic14 Transform Your Message Into a Targeted List of Your Ideal Clients! with Cindy Schulson #SocialCafe
  13. #Topic12 Sure Fire Strategies To Skyrocket Ur List Of Hot Leads QUICKLY - No Matter Where U Are In Your Business! with Barb Wade #SocialCafe
  14. #Topic11 How to Build Your List through Effective Networking with PJ Van Hulle #SocialCafe
  15. #Topic9 How Nancy Juetten Added 10,000 Subscribers to Her List in Just Over 90 Days! #SocialCafe
  16. #Topic8 How to Build a Massive List With Joint Ventures! with Milana Leshinsky #SocialCafe
  17. #Topic7 How to Build a Money-Making List Using Meetup with Mel Cutler #SocialCafe
  18. #Topic6 List Building with Facebook (that doesn't cost a dime) with Amethyst Mahoney #SocialCafe
  19. #Topic2: How to avoid list building mistakes with Sharla Jacobs #SocialCafe
  20. Don't forget to check out @commun_it to build those Twitter Relationships. #SocialCafe #ad
  21. Another option is to bookmark list-a-palooza and watch for the next 90 day and join absolutely free! #SocialCafe
  22. My favorite link of PJ's -> 2015 List Building Success Kit : all from 90 day list-a-palooza only $27 #SocialCafe  https://realprosperity.isrefer.com/go/LBSK15/deborah/ 
  23. You will want to watch this -- Inspiring! InfusionSoft: Power User PJ Van Hulle * #WebToolsTV 1.23 #SocialCafe  https://youtu.be/yBlD5WqPt70 
  24. BTW - the tool of the week is *** InfusionSoft *** During the interview (20 min), you will hear PJ talk about tips w/this tool #SocialCafe
  25. Why do we care? PJ Van Hulle created a system to help encourage you to add 10k to your email list. #list-a-palooza o #SocialCafe
  26. What does all that mean? It means I will be sending out tweets about list-a-palooza followed by an interview with PJ Van Hulle #SocialCafe
  27. Welcome to the broadcast version of #SocialCafe where we share tips, links, whatever resources we can find.. followed by an interview!
  28. #SocialCafe : marketing, branding, social media tools. Thu 6pm ET Mod: socialwebcafe #tweetchatshappeningnow
  29. GetResponse for Email List Management (Marketing Momentum 3.1) w/Abby Hartz!  http://bit.ly/1LYFDvq  via @socialwebcafe #socialcafe
  30. Another month! Thank you for your continued support! =D I really appreciate all of you! (And, if you haven't already, join our #SocialCafe

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