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Talking about "Gaffes" #LinkedInChat and #SocialCafe 20151208

Talking about "Gaffes" #LinkedInChat and #SocialCafe 20151208

  1. @socialwebcafe Awesome! I would love to join but moderating a Twitter Party tonight at the same time :( #SocialCafe #LinkedInChat
  2. Talking about "Gaffes" tonight * Join #LinkedInChat at 8p EST followed by #SocialCafe at 9p * It's Tuesday! Yay!
  3. #linkedinchat @LinkedInExpert Join us on 12/8/15 at 8:00PM EST to chat on My Biggest Gaffe on #LinkedIn ! X
  4. Looking forward to #LinkedInChat at 8p EST followed by our #SocialCafe at 9p Talking about "Gaffes" Join us!
  5. @rubainmanzoor Excellent.. glad to have you any time. And, have fun with the Twitter Party! Those are a blast! #socialcafe #linkedinchat
  6. #linkedinchat @LinkedInExpert Join us on 12/8/15 at 8:00PM EST to chat on My Biggest Gaffe on #LinkedIn ! Y
  7. In keeping with tonight's topic, (singing)..."Mistakes, I've made a few..." #linkedinchat
  8. #linkedinchat @LinkedInExpert Join us on 12/8/15 at 8:00PM EST to chat on My Biggest Gaffe on #LinkedIn ! Z
  9. Hi all from a beautiful, sunny day (now clear night) in NJ.. Is it really December?. (Last yr we had a foot of snow, I think) #LinkedInChat
  10. If you haven't signed up, check out  http://linkedincubator.com/  to view the 30 LinkedIn interviews for free. Good stuff. #LinkedInChat
  11. Q1) Let’s be honest! How many of you have made gaffes on #LinkedIn ? Shout out! #linkedinchat
  12. A1) supplemental: repeatedly. Heck I'll probably make a few more before the hour is out. #linkedinchat
  13. A1 Of course. You have to make mistakes to learn from. #linkedinchat
  14. @Edluministic Might want to take notes tonight & save yourself some grief later! #LinkedInChat
  15. @Edluministic Every journey begins with the first step. Lots of helpers here, too. #linkedinchat
  16. A2) Why do we make gaffes on LinkedIn? We act first. We think later, if at all #linkedinchat
  17. A2 Because people are naturally gaffe-prone. Also, with LinkedIn always changing, it's impossible not to make mistakes. #linkedinchat
  18. A2b - Heck, LinkedIn makes plenty of mistakes on its own, too. #linkedinchat
  19. A2 lack of knowledge/experience; eagerness to get started (which can be a good thing!) #LinkedInChat
  20. RT @andyb531 A2b - Heck, LinkedIn makes plenty of mistakes on its own, too. #linkedinchat Great point!
  21. A2: LinkedIn encourages us to do things that are gaffes. "Yes I will import my contacts" #oops #linkedinchat
  22. @CleanDropMobile Exactly. It is important to take that jump and I respect people that do. Gaffes happen to all of us, eh? #LinkedInChat
  23. A1 Always learning so I guess they weren't mistakes...more lessons #LinkedInChat
  24. A3) Can gaffes be corrected? Depends on how bad you were, Maybe can they be "forgiven" would be more like it #linkedinchat
  25. @conpsweeney A3. Gaffes can be corrected, oftem with a lot of apologizing, sometimes with some fancy footwork. #linkedinchat
  26. A3: Be a good connection. Provide endorsements, introduce people, and follow through on your promises. #linkedinchat
  27. Occasionally think I should change LinkedIn profile pic to one of me with foot planted in mouth #linkedinchat
  28. A3 of course you can correct mistakes, I've done a profiles refresh before! #LinkedInChat
  29. Word processors have spell checkers. Wish life could come with gaffe-checkers, but it doesn't. #linkedinchat
  30. A3 Having a reputation management strategy in place helps (catching it; taking appropriate action) #LinkedInChat
  31. RT  http://twitter.com/socialwebcafe/status/674397073932849152  A3 Having a reputation management strategy in place helps (catching it; taking appropriate action) #LinkedInChat
  32. @SarahAHolder I like the attitude, Sarah :) If we all can extend a little grace to each other, we could maybe have more peace #LinkedInChat
  33. A4) How common are gaffes on LinkedIn? I see them every day. And not just my own. #linkedinchat
  34. @socialwebcafe that's something that I haven't heard of, but it sounds like something I would want to consider. #linkedinchat
  35. A4 I think possibly more common because LI is not necessarily the easiest social network for people. #LinkedInChat
  36. .@conpsweeney #LinkedInChat A1. I believe all of us have. Mistakes make us better! I'm sure I'll make a few more too!
  37. A4 supplemental: seeing as the LinkedIn user's manual is a moving target, gaffe's are easy to make #linkedinchat
  38. .@conpsweeney if there were a LinkedIn fairy who collected money for every gaffe, they would be rich! #linkedinchat
  39. .@conpsweeney #LinkedInChat A2. Because making mistakes is easier. But it does serve us a lesson! Plus LinkedIn's evolving too!
  40. #LinkedInChat hello all - joining for the first time - although I've tried to before!
  41. @socialwebcafe true! Remember when Facebook had networks! Yuck. I spend hours teaching students about linkedin. #linkedinchat
  42. @dorothyhayden good point! Glad I am not alone in the thinking that it is challenging to some people. #notCrazy lol #linkedinchat
  43. A5) To quote Jaws, "you're gonna need a bigger boat" One hour isn't enough time @conpsweeney ! #linkedinchat
  44. J. D. Gershbein said that after ten years, LinkedIn is still in beta. So some patience all around is appropriate. #linkedinchat
  45. @conpsweeney A5) I didn't appreciate tags until I had over 500 connections! #linkedinchat
  46. .@conpsweeney #LinkedInChat A3. Using nice words, nice replies. A little brush up on the summary may be. Depends - its a mistake or blunder!
  47. Getting a little into the #linkedinchat party today. Just got back from travel
  48. @conpsweeney I hear ya! Sometimes I am "thumbing through" connections and realize I haven't connected recently. Tags help. #LinkedinChat
  49. A5) Okay, early LinkedIn career gaffe: invite hundreds of people to connect. Many don't remember me. Get account frozen. Ouch. #linkedinchat
  50. A5: I accepted a fake connection request and regretted it for days. #linkedinchat
  51. A5 Not knowing about linkedin and it's value. Never be afraid to reach out to people! #LinkedInChat
  52. @andyb531 That line's right up there with Custer saying there's friendly Indians over that hill boys! #linkedinchat
  53. .@conpsweeney #LinkedInChat A3. The way I see, its more common than not, but brands and personalities fail to see them.
  54. A5 Somebody posted a link to a blog post. I criticized it not realizing he was the author. He got some unwanted feedback. #linkedinchat
  55. .@conpsweeney #LinkedInChat A3. The active users are only the surface. A lot of people still not know how to utilize LinkedIn
  56. A5) LinkedIn gaffes: accept connection invite. Immediately get invited to apply as their north american rep. Dumb, dumb, dumb #linkedinchat
  57. .@conpsweeney #LinkedInChat A4. Mistakes like outdated summaries are too many, I feel LinkedIn is not as deeply known as other SoMe.
  58. #linkedinchat a5: Biggest LinkedIn gaffe for me is when some send a "sign up for this link" to all in their network
  59. A5b Accepting every connection requests. Some people have started using linkedin as a dating site! #LinkedInChat
  60. .@conpsweeney #LinkedInChat A5. Well, I've fallen trap to LinkedIn's new auto-reply feature more than twice. Unchecked it recently!
  61. #linkedinchat a5: Even bigger gaffe when someone ask if link is legit. And they respond back to everyone that it is legit... hate it
  62. A6) Why did I make this gaffe? Enthusiasm is faster than common sense. Common sense arrives a wee bit late on the scene. #linkedinchat
  63. A6 Young and naive... Always learning, keep moving forward #LinkedInChat
  64. .@conpsweeney #LinkedInChat A5. And I used to accept every request in order to grow my network earlier. Nowadays I'm more judicious.
  65. @andyb531 When I think I have offended someone on LinkedIn, I quickly go to my profile and swap my photo for Andy Foote's. #linkedinchat
  66. Yes! @AreMorch especially when you have an enterprise account and email 3K+ contacts. #linkedinchat
  67. .@conpsweeney #LinkedInChat A6. Its either you've less time for LinkedIn or you didn't care much earlier. Gradually I improved!
  68. @mohapatrapratik I'm still "on the fence" and on the side of accepting all.. Would love to hear your thoughts and rationale #LinkedInChat
  69. #linkedinchat a5: My biggest gaffe was not reading guidelines good enough in one large hospitality group before I posted a link there
  70. @conpsweeney Somewhere in Chicago, Andy Foote detects a disturbance in The Force. #linkedinchat
  71. @SarahAHolder Old and naive works for this, too! Yes, keep moving forward. (Fall forward or fall back. Forward's better.) #linkedinchat
  72. A7 Reading blogs, networking, tweet chats! Never stop learning #LinkedInChat
  73. @socialwebcafe I did the same earlier. Then cleaned up a bit recently. Would do again very soon. #linkedinchat
  74. A7) How do you fix the LinkedIn gaffe? Apologize, explain, tap dance, swear to never do it again and then (sadly)...Repeat. #linkedinchat
  75. @socialwebcafe Was SWAMed. Tried a while to talk with owner of group. I knew it was my own mistake. So I moved on #linkedinchat
  76. .@conpsweeney #LinkedInChat A7. I do a little clean up thing on all my SoMe profiles every 6 months or so.
  77. .@conpsweeney #LinkedInChat Also, I feel a many people (even including me) are not utilizing the Publish feature to the fullest.
  78. @BruceJohnston_ Yeah did the mistake when SWAM was introduced. And it got hot then to SWAM people that made honest mistakes #linkedinchat
  79. A8 I have a much better looking profile and I have met a lot interesting people #LinkedInChat
  80. A8) Account frozen. Had to explain myself to LinkedIn Police. Accepted my reasoning. Walked around on tippy-toes for a while. #linkedinchat
  81. @conpsweeney I'm improving though, slowly! But the Publish interface is one of the most fluid, along with Medium, I believe. #linkedinchat
  82. @AreMorch Even if it was your mistake, it wasn't a mean/intentional one. But, like you said, moving on seems the sane #LinkedinChat (2 of 2)
  83. @socialwebcafe SWAM was a failed policy from LinkedIn to prevent spam. Totally defeated the purpose #linkedinchat
  84. @BruceJohnston_ Heck. Can't call yourself a LinkedIn pro until you've been SWAMmed or put in LinkedIn Jail at least once. #linkedinchat
  85. .@conpsweeney #LinkedInChat A8. Well, a lot of uninteresting posts on my feed. Plus few real connections. So I cleaned up.
  86. .@SarahAHolder I personally like @jtodonnell. JT is a talented entrepreneur and she has some great writers @CAREEREALISM #linkedinchat
  87. @conpsweeney yes I know - I was trying to be funny - guess it didn't work! :-) #linkedinchat
  88. @AreMorch Sounds like it could be abused. Like an ill-mannered person not liking someone's shoes & penalizing them site-wide #LinkedInChat
  89. Actually @AreMorch Many uses for that statement: (blank) was a failed LinkedIn policy to that tried to prevent (blank) #linkedinchat
  90. A8: the hope with any misstep is that you improve the next time - we all make mistakes #linkedinchat
  91. A9 Super great connections that I have spoken to. I love to interview ppl in my industry to learn more! #LinkedInChat
  92. .@conpsweeney #LinkedInChat A9. Enthusiasm is good but there's got to be some Strategy and Commonsense too at the hilt.
  93. A9) How to prevent LinkedIn gaffe's? 1) review what you just typed 2) review it two more times 3) count to 10 4) press <enter> #linkedinchat
  94. #LinkedInChat I've been on LI for a while and I feel so much at a loss - you are all so knowledgeable!
  95. @BruceJohnston_ Add proofread carefully in there, somewhere, too. (Esp. if you pretend to be a pro proofreader.) #linkedinchat
  96. Q10) Would anyone else like to share their opinions about gaffes on #LinkedIn ? #linkedinchat
  97. I'm good, but my 12 YO daughter has the flu :-( RT @conpsweeney @ChaimShapiro Hey there Chaim! Well here! Yourself? #linkedinchat
  98. @ChaimShapiro Hi Chaim. We've been story telling. You missed some good ones. #linkedinchat
  99. Sorry. Sick daughter AND Chanuka! @andyb531 @ChaimShapiro Hi Chaim. We've been story telling. You missed some good ones. #linkedinchat
  100. A10) everyone makes mistakes. As long as you aren't being mean or vindictive, you'll recover just fine. #linkedinchat
  101. @ChaimShapiro You reminded me I need to check with Kroger now if they have Potato Starch. #linkedinchat
  102. @ChaimShapiro Unfortunately "sick" seems to be going around. I hope you all get better soon :) @andyb531 #LinkedinChat
  103. @andyb531 I guess I don't leverage it as much as I should - my business has been built 100% by referrals. #linkedinchat
  104. @dorothyhayden I was thinking about @TheCoffeeBeanb/c I have to be in Manhattan tomorrow! #LinkedInChat @andyb531
  105. @andyb531 @AreMorch That is sad! Please excuse my ignorance, but did they abolish SWAM yet? #LinkedInChat
  106. @dorothyhayden name a country with letter "A" in it? My answer:"too many linked users with too much idle time" No "A" in that. #linkedinchat
  107. Thank you all for joining & participating! My thanks to @LinkedInExpert for inviting me! #linkedinchat
  108. A11 anyone have any good optimization articles to share? #LinkedInChat
  109. Thank you @conbsweeney Thanks everyone, have a great evening! #linkedinchat
  110. #linkedinchat Next week’s topic is: Leveraging #SocialMedia for Business Results! Thanks all as always! See you next week!
  111. Going over to #socialcafe w/ Deborah @socialwebcafe at 9:00PM EST to talk some more about gaffes! #linkedinchat
  112. @socialwebcafe @AreMorch They got rid of the name, but the SWAM punishment continues. You owns the site, you makes the rules. #linkedinchat
  113. #linkedinchat @LinkedInExpert Join us on 12/8/15 at 8:00PM EST to chat on My Biggest Gaffe on #LinkedIn ! 1
  114. Our topic for this #SocialCafe : Continuing the discussion about Gaffes ... carry over from #LinkedInChat #chattingNow
  115. #LinkedInChat Today, 383 Tweets (including 173 RTs) 13 Participants (Most Active @conpsweeney 56 Tweets) via @kneaver
  116. @andyb531 @AreMorch bummer. Well, I guess one learns to live with what one must learn to live with.. til change comes through #LinkedinChat
  117. @conpsweeney lol BTW - I haven't caught all of the tweets from #LinkedInChat (yet)... Did we have any stories/gaffes? Summary? #SocialCafe

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