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Changes in 2016 #SocialCafe #LinkedInChat 20151229

Changes in 2016 #SocialCafe #LinkedInChat 20151229

  1. Greetings! Tonight's topic: #LinkedIn Predictions for 2016? & I'll lead the #chat #linkedinchat
  2. What do you recommend for track the chat? Seems like Tweetchat is a wasteland #linkedinchat
  3. a2) I think more people are seeing the value, but some of the current challenges will continue to challenge active usage. #linkedinchat
  4. @conpsweeney Thanks. I was wondering if it is Twitter, Tweetchat of just slow. Tchat.io is also quiet tonight #linkedinchat
  5. @greatergoodgeek Like maybe more of the people who follow us will see our posts? #linkedinchat
  6. A3 not sure why one should feel negative about LinkedIn for 2016. Is there something you are suggesting? #LinkedinChat
  7. Hey guys. Everyone is out realizing they have a family? Eyes are off the phones? #LinkedinChat
  8. a3) Spam Challenge and education of users. Frequent big changes challenges keeping current on training. #linkedinchat
  9. @ajenkins No but changes like Groups and messaging created quite a stir this year! #LinkedinChat
  10. A1: I'd like to see LinkedIn stretch beyond being a directory and enhance interaction. #LinkedinChat
  11. Gang- I'm hopping off for tonight. Might be my internet but none of usual tools are updating with anything close to realtime #linkedinchat
  12. @joshmccormack My kids are watching TV or over at a friend’s. I was doing work and took a break to join the chat. #LinkedinChat
  13. Hi Josh. Yes, my High Schooler and College Student are out tonight. RT @joshmccormack Everyone is realizing they have family? #linkedinchat
  14. RT @SteveCassady: a3) Spam Challenge and education of users. Frequent big changes challenges keeping current on training. #linkedinchat
  15. @SteveCassady Training especially while good for trainers too much change can be counterproductive & drive away users #LinkedinChat
  16. @conpsweeney If changes to groups cuts down on spam &. Messaging shows increasing mobile focus. #LinkedinChat
  17. Q4) Does anyone think a competitor could arise to #LinkedIn in #2016 ? #linkedinchat
  18. ajenkins No, the #Blab sessions were moved to Wednesdays at 11:00AM EST! #LinkedinChat #conpsweeney
  19. @ajenkins Cool. A lot of people are on digital sabbatical this week with family. #LinkedinChat
  20. A4 not sure about a competitor but maybe something complementary. Have you seen @NeedNudge? #LinkedinChat
  21. A4) Good question. Not direct competitor, but it would be interesting to see how Facebook Company/Employee features impact #linkedinchat
  22. @ajenkins Yes, but at what cost? Mobile Group app is just eye candy! #LinkedinChat
  23. A2) #LinkedinChat I hope LI will develop intuitive ways a user can link a personal profile w/ their business profile  https://twitter.com/conpsweeney/status/682005796398346245 
  24. Just wait till licenses and cars :) RT @joshmccormack @SteveCassady Mine are 3, 7 and 12. All at home right now. #LinkedinChat
  25. @joshmccormack Tried step away where possible but client work has run throughout holidays. Still managed 2 relax though. You? #LinkedinChat
  26. a2 #LinkedInChat - More businesses are going to adopt using LinkedIn as a business tool.
  27. @conpsweeney mobile group app helps may stay more current with group activities. I was tuning out the volume otherwise. #LinkedinChat
  28. A4: I think about.me could give LinkedIn a good fight for the biz market if led well. #LinkedinChat
  29. A3 #LinkedInChat - because #LinkedIn is growing in popularity, there will be more scams, spams and pretending to use it.
  30. A4 #LinkedInchat - There will be competitors, as long as the leader keeps focused on the future, #LinkedIn will be a challenge to overcome
  31. @joshmccormack I think that is a good thing. We all need to unplug sometimes, eh? @ajenkins #LinkedInChat
  32. A1 #LinkedInchat - I predict another acquisition that further seals #LinkedIn's position as the Professional Networking Social Media King
  33. A5) @conpsweeney it sets the trend and momentum that can be leveraged. Learn #2015 lessons and apply in #2016 #linkedinchat
  34. Does anyone have tips for how to have a personal business page's posts show up more often in the #linkedin update feed? #LinkedinChat
  35. @joshmccormack Get good traffic to my About.me pg but don’t see it help outbound biz dev p.o.v. like @LinkedIn #LinkedinChat
  36. @socialwebcafe @ajenkins Definitely. A goal for us all in 2016. Think Fitbit for digital sabbaticals. :) #LinkedinChat
  37. A6 I'd like to see their searches go back to the way they were for the free version. I pay $60 basically for searching #LinkedInChat
  38. @ajenkins Same here. I see the traffic volume, but not much more. However, I may not have optimized for that @joshmccormack #linkedinchat
  39. A6: Earn the right to direct mail to cut down on cold messaging/hard sales would be nice. #LinkedinChat
  40. @conpsweeney Not really, but I'm giving it one more month to see if I can get a positive ROI #LinkedInChat
  41. @conpsweeney #LinkedInChat - My expectations are a CRM solution or a full blown Content Production app.
  42. A6 I'd like to see an ad for them showing the world that they're more than 'old people'. I don't have them on my mind often. #LinkedInChat
  43. @SteveCassady @ajenkins I see About.me as a diamond in the rough. Killer profile, pulls from all your activity. #LinkedinChat
  44. @socialwebcafe In a given year, have you not received $720 (12x$60) in value for you or your biz? I hope so. #LinkedinChat
  45. @TLBurriss That would be expensive & compete w/the #BigBoys #linkedin is more likely to be acquired then! #LinkedinChat
  46. A7 I'd say a decent year. I've heard them brought up more often. Plus, they got a facelift and look a lot better. #LinkedInChat
  47. @joshmccormack @SteveCassady maybe missing something but don’t have social updates going 2 About.me page. #LinkedinChat
  48. #LinkedinChat. Treat it like a business and you can't help but to succeed
  49. A7 Think they’re at point where can’t b ignored & no longer seen as job board or electronic equivalent of chamber of commerce #LinkedinChat
  50. a8) End User Resource allocation, especially with more platforms picking up business applications especially the visual ones. #linkedinchat
  51. #SocialCafe : social media, marketing, branding, blogging, tools Tue 9pm ET. Mod: socialwebcafe
  52. People have to stop using LinkedIn as an email address harvester. #LinkedinChat
  53. Yes! RT @joshmccormack People have to stop using LinkedIn as an email address harvester. #LinkedinChat
  54. @ArtSolutionsPJM I tell sales teams I train that if you suck at selling then @LinkedIn will not save you. #LinkedinChat #socialselling
  55. Q10) Would anyone else like to share their opinions about #LinkedIn in #2016 ? #linkedinchat
  56. @ArtSolutionsPJM Lot of complaints from people who connect on LinkedIn only to have their email address added to a list. #LinkedinChat
  57. A10 #LinkedIn needs to slow down and listen to its users before making changes #linkedinchat
  58. @ChaimShapiro If the trend continues I predict extreme caution on connecting from valuable users. #LinkedinChat
  59. @socialwebcafe An old post of mine - Latte vs LinkedIn: Why Paying For Your LinkedIn May Be Worth It  http://bit.ly/1ZAnEAX  #LinkedinChat
  60. @conpsweeney lol Good point. I'm sure the opinion exists. It is just taking a nap right now. #LinkedInChat
  61. If #LinkedIn REALLY believed messaging is the new email, they'd sell InMessages NOT InMails. #YeahRight #linkedinchat
  62. Q11) Are there any final questions for the group about #LinkedIn in # 2016 ? #linkedinchat
  63. @ArtSolutionsPJM They need user growth and stickiness or their stock will take a hit. #LinkedinChat
  64. Thank you all for joining & participating! My thanks to @LinkedInExpert for inviting me! #linkedinchat
  65. #linkedinchat Next week’s topic is: Your #LinkedIn Goals for 2016 Thanks all as always! See you next week! #HappyNewYear
  66. Welcome to #SocialCafe at its Tues time slot of 6p PST / 9p EST Welcome! Please start by introducing yourself.
  67. Tonight we are taking a look at social platform changes in 2015 and what is in store in 2016 #SocialCafe and @conpsweeney is our moderator!
  68. @ArtSolutionsPJM @jowyang had witter & FB comparison. Latter innovated = stock rise while former didn’t = stock drop. #LinkedinChat 2/2
  69. #LinkedInChat Today, 229 Tweets (including 78 RTs) 13 Participants (Most Active @conpsweeney 50 Tweets) via @kneaver
  70. Hello my name is Alexis, this is my first #SocialCafe and I am excited to join!
  71. Night all. Great chat. All the best for the rest of the holidays and for 2016! #LinkedinChat
  72. A1 Some are really recent.. Like the closing of topsy dot com... sad to see it go! (Twitter Analytics) #SocialCafe
  73. A1 Another change is the limit on search for the LinkedIn free service (makes one wonder what CAN be done with free) #SocialCafe
  74. @socialwebcafe #socialcafe Tactically bad moves on the part of #linkedin More to come on this in #2016 !
  75. @conpsweeney So we will have more tactical "bad moves" to list at the end of 2016? lol #SocialCafe
  76. Don't forget to give @commun_it a try! It is the perfect tool for Twitter Relationship building! #SocialCafe
  77. A1 - Aren't twitter polls new? Have any of you used them? To what effect? #SocialCafe
  78. #socialcafe Q2 What changes have slowed you down in personal or business ways (i.e. impact)?
  79. Good point @greatergoodgeek Not all changes are bad. I've used one Twitter poll, but haven't got in the habit yet. #SocialCafe
  80. A2 #socialcafe I have heard that a FB change makes it harder to get Likes on a bus/org page without paying. Anecdotally I think that is so.
  81. @greatergoodgeek I have seen that, too. I think I am like an ostrich with head in the sand.. I have fun on FB, so I overlook #SocialCafe
  82. A1- FB launched a donate button for nonprofits (my industry). People were hopeful. But in reality it seems harder than it looks #socialcafe
  83. A3 I think it is possible that there may be some backtracking if Companies have seen a negative impact to change. #SocialCafe
  84. One of the hardest changes to adapt to is the removal of the Tweet counts. It makes it hard to analyze social proof #SocialCafe
  85. A3 I hope Twitter brings back the tweet counts.. :) #SocialCafe There is a nice replacement at  http://opensharecount.com/ 
  86. @socialwebcafe #socialcafe I'll disagree here it only happens, if it does, after much pain & mgt turnover!
  87. Hey Alexis @UMN_Yeb15 What are some of your favorite social platforms (i.e. Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn)? #SocialCafe
  88. Congrats, Lisa! @PRMktgSales It will be great to see your new branding unfolding before our eyes! #SocialCafe
  89. @greatergoodgeek #socialcafe IMHO it's about content & not merely number of likes Good content strategy & #socialselling are key
  90. #socialcafe Q5 What other discussion points (or rants) hit you when comparing the last year & future?
  91. A5 I try to keep rants as minimal as possible, reminding myself that we often have social media for free #SocialCafe but rants still exist
  92. A5 I think the changes that Facebook makes seems to come across with pre-planning. It isn't abt like or dislike, just well done #SocialCafe
  93. A5 In comparison, the search mechanism limitation from LinkedIn literally hit me one day (worked the day before that). #SocialCafe
  94. A5 But, some of these rants may just be perspective based on timing of the experience #SocialCafe
  95. #SocialCafe Hmmm...a rant? How about: the Holiday season seems to start earlier each year!!! Oh wait - a #socialmedia rant? (thinking)
  96. #socialcafe Those were my prepared questions Anyone like to add or ask about something?
  97. This has been fun. Thanks, @conpsweeney for moderating #SocialCafe ! That's all she wrote for our 30 min chat, but I'll hang around
  98. Don't forget to join us next week, for another #SocialCafe Tues 6p PST / 9p EST
  99. @socialwebcafe I really like LinkedIn and Twitter. Those have to be my favorite. I also have started to use periscope #SocialCafe
  100. @PRMktgSales I don't use G+ as much as I should. I sort of use it incidentally as a part of doing Hangouts on Air #SocialCafe
  101. @UMN_Yeb15 Good for you. Yes, Periscope is fun (from what I've heard).. I tend to use Blab :) #SocialCafe
  102. stepped away from my phone for a bit and missed the #socialcafe next week I'll be sure to be a more engaged participant. Cheers!
  103. Sure thing. Thanks for joining us, Lisa ;) #SocialCafe Keep us posted on your branding changes! Great to see..  https://twitter.com/PRMktgSales/status/682028298986115072 

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