#SocialCafe 5.11 Chat Transcript

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#Keywords in Social Media
  1. Please give us a shoutout and let us know you’re here! #SocialCafe
  2. @socialwebcafe #Keywords are important & should be used; Variety is important; Primary & secondary classes are very useful #SocialCafe
  3. Without a #keywords plan, your search engine results will be dismal #SocialCafe
  4. Good question @conpsweeney I see/hear people "talk about" using keywords, but then it tapers off mostly because of time #SocialCafe
  5. It seems like those who use #keywords consistently are "in the profession" #seo #SocialCafe @conpsweeney - thoughts?
  6. @socialwebcafe Likewise here, few approach it methodically! But everyone knows they should do it! #SocialCafe
  7. Exactly @conpsweeney ! I've met people who figure out how, but then other commitments seem to snuff out the process #SocialCafe
  8. I'd have thought all the #PPC work would have led to more awareness about #keywords in #socialmedia #SocialCafe
  9. @socialwebcafe Let's not get crazy now! If there was an "easy button" then they wouldn't need us! #SocialCafe
  10. good point, @conpsweeney lol #socialcafe Speaking of a tool that makes it easier... I have my weekly shout out #socialcafe
  11. Shout out to @commun_it >> the best tool for building relationships on Twitter #SocialCafe
  12. And with that, we'll say goodnight & goodbye until next week! #SocialCafe

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