#SocialCafe 5.17 Chat Transcript

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Con on Center Stage! #SocialCafe 20160426
  1. @KivanaFord engagement is tricky but could be easy. Depends on audiences and platforms #socialcafe
  2. @Sherry_FG it was on Hootsuite when I first began using it. Out if fear I have not tried again #socialcafe
  3. If a post pre-scheduled has not went as planned. What happened? Which platform? #socialcafe
  4. I'm up to continue chatting. Anyone have any social media topics to discuss? #SocialCafe
  5. Not sure! I actually just learned of it about two questions ago lol that may be a question for @socialwebcafe @catiesanchez #socialcafe
  6. It's been fun! Thanks for joining us for our 30 min #SocialCafe Look forward to chatting next week. (& feel free to keep on chatting :) )
  7. Another great tool, to keep it "real" is @commun_it >> building Twitter Relationships #SocialCafe
  8. @SarahJ_Copeland @Sherry_FG yeah I can't agree more to that too! attention span are so short nowadays and it's even harder! #socialcafe
  9. @Sherry_FG @socialwebcafe very true, attention spans are so small these days, you gotta grab it quick or not at all #socialcafe
  10. @mavsocial is another one, especially if you want to work with media #SocialCafe
  11. I use @hootsuite quite regularly. Yet I am interested in other scheduling platforms. #SocialCafe
  12. A3 I like Hootsuite. I want to upgrade but I need to be more $ stable and actually have more content and reason b4 I do #socialcafe
  13. @vocalroots Anything specific, or did you come up with your own algorithms and formulas? #SocialCafe
  14. A3: I don't have any, I am still trying to figure out Hootsuite #socialcafe
  15. A3. As mentioned in previous post, I am familiar with hoot suite- just learned of buffer. Any other suggestions? #SocialCafe
  16. Scheduling is essential when you have a lot of products or info to push @socialwebcafe #SocialCafe
  17. A3: When I was in HS, most of us used to use Metrics to track our followers. #SocialCafe
  18. Quotable Tweets >> Your personal advice based on our topic tonight. Then, I embed it and you get credit :) #SocialCafe
  19. I figure if I don't target my audience. They will not respond. It is important to keep that in mind. #socialcafe  https://twitter.com/socialwebcafe/status/727670149948432384 
  20. Based on that.. does anyone have any quotable tweets that they want me to embed in that article? (this may become a thing :) ) #SocialCafe
  21. As we are nearing the end of our 30 min, I'm sensing an article coming out of this Twitter Chat #SocialCafe ...continued ...
  22. It sounds like #automation (i.e. scheduling) works for some & for others, it needs to be balanced in other ways, less time, etc. #SocialCafe
  23. @Geoff_Hauppier I couldn't completely do away with it. All my groups that constantly post drive me insane but I need 2 know info #socialcafe
  24. Just guessing here.. Two scheduled posts that were important to go out at that time? @SarahJ_Copeland @Sherry_FG #SocialCafe
  25. A2 I don't make restrictions. I try to respond to as many people as possible on all platforms. #socialcafe
  26. @Sherry_FG I tend not to like scheduling my posts. I had it not work twice and that was enough for me to quit #socialcafe
  27. A2 No, I don't put any restrictions on. I try to respond to people as much as possible. #socialcafe
  28. Q3 What are some of your favorite tools to help you stay "balanced" in #socialMedia and #socialNetworking #SocialCafe
  29. A1 I use socialmedia platforms to schedule, remember who my audience is before deciding on a platform #socialcafe
  30. There are so many platforms and they come and go. Some I was following 10 yrs ago don't exist anymore @socialwebcafe #SocialCafe
  31. Good one, @KivanaFord I love hootsuite! I also use buffer and many other tools. #SocialCafe
  32. A2: No actually I've never posted restrictions on here. Is it better to do so? #SocialCafe
  33. @Geoff_Hauppier @socialwebcafe I feel the same. I don't often have ppl needing/wanting to reach out to me #socialcafe
  34. A2.No, but if necessary, you could always throw that disclaimer in your bio or something #SocialCafe
  35. A2.2 I may start asking ppl not to tag me in comments on FB anymore, too many shares of random things going on #socialcafe
  36. In other words, it might be a pipe dream to think we can do it all? @Geoff_Hauppier #SocialCafe
  37. yes because nobody likes waiting for a reply forever. & it's always good to leave a contact that you can be best to reach out to #socialcafe
  38. A2 If I were more popular I might but for the time being instructions or restrictions are not necessary @socialwebcafe #SocialCafe
  39. A2 no, I probably should have when I first started using Twitter since I was unfamiliar with how to use the platform, tho #socialcafe
  40. A2) I don't post it but I do mention it to people prior to giving them information on contacting me. #socialcafe
  41. Q2 Do you ever post "restrictions" or "instructions" (like .. best place to find me.. or "I don't respond to Twitter DM") #SocialCafe
  42. A1.2 I think it's also important to remember to view other platforms. Sometimes I forget to check a couple #socialcafe
  43. A1: I try balance and respond to everyone, but it is hard to keep track of everything #socialcafe
  44. @socialwebcafe I think it works best for me because it's easier for people to access for some reason. #socialcafe
  45. Nice way to put it! @Geoff_Hauppier I could get lost (i.e. like on Pinterest!) if I didn't find some balance lol #SocialCafe
  46. A1 I would balance mostly on Facebook because the platform has a bigger sharing range. I can post and connect links on FB #socialcafe
  47. That is a good idea @catiesanchez Does that work well for you? Like, "Hey, find me on FB.." #SocialCafe
  48. Judith @vocalroots - have you ever thought of (or tried) like a timer method.. (I get 60 min to social network) #SocialCafe
  49. @socialwebcafe that's good. Also, try and show acknowledgement of all posts even if u can't get to all. Like = I saw this #socialcafe
  50. A1. Using different tools to manage and schedule social media post.Sorta like hoot suite #SocialCafe
  51. A1: I would definitely limit my interactions in order to keep track of the progress #SocialCafe
  52. A1 balancing is difficult. Want to answer all but there may be too many. #socialcafe
  53. A1 Time is always an issue. You have to pick your platforms according to what your interests are. #SocialCafe
  54. A1) I usually just spend time most on Facebook over all other social media accounts I own. #socialcafe
  55. A1 I use a combination of automation; selective networks; time management #SocialCafe
  56. I was thinking of deviating slightly. Q1 How do u #balance social media engagement? #SocialCafe Ex: only focus on a few; spend a few min ea
  57. Ok, so lately, #SocialCafe has been sort of mirroring #LinkedInChat.. opening the topic to all of #socialmedia and not just LI
  58. ... then @conpsweeney came along and saved the day and really has been doing an excellent job of co-moderating, hasn't he? #SocialCafe
  59. Wow -that is wonderful. @Sherry_FG Yeah, I started #SocialCafe abt 5 years ago. There have been different partners along the way & then..
  60. North Texas college student here to learn and share with a class later on #socialcafe
  61. @socialwebcafe Thank you. I've heard great things about #socialcafe. Excited I can join in tonight.
  62. Our moderator and my partner-in-crime when it comes to #SocialCafe @conpsweeney is taking a holiday this week. Yay for Con and his wife!
  63. Hi. Thanks for hosting this tonight. Looking forward to learning a lot. #socialcafe
  64. @Geoff_Hauppier Ooh.. love the gif! So, do you have a strategy of including cool media (links, etc) in tweets? #SocialCafe Do Share ;)
  65. Hey all - welcome to #SocialCafe at our regular time of 6p PDT / 9p EDT! So, who is out there tonight? Go ahead and let us know about you!
  66. Another month! Thank you for your continued support! =D I really appreciate all of you! (And, if you haven't already, join our #SocialCafe
  67. Necesito ese #SocialCafe como agua de Mayo, me acabo de quedar sin APP de Twitter, eso es el final... @FranMartin_M @IvanMoncadaO
  68. @alexanaderson meet too, I feel you learn who people really are from Twitter and insta! #Socialcafe
  69. @maritzavegaPR Please feel free to join this or any other #TwitterChats that are either helpful to you or of interest! #socialcafe
  70. @conpsweeney Thanks for letting me join this tweetchat and hang out on social media with my peers from school. #socialcafe
  71. A3) not measurable, but I have followed ppl after meeting them or even prior to if I know I'll meet them soon like speakers #Socialcafe
  72. #socialcafe I'll be dropping off now Thanks for joining us! Any queries on what I blogged about please feel free to contact me!
  73. My 1st SocMed experience was with live streaming as a musician I moved to Twitter a few yrs after @BulldogsBitters #Socialcafe
  74. A4: It depends. I like twitter and instagram if its more personal, but I enjoy LinkedIn if its more professional #socialcafe
  75. A4: Any sort if dashboards such as @hootsuite will allow you to communicate and monitor your social media content. #socialcafe
  76. A4: Combination of Twitter and Instagram. However I am looking into live streaming. #socialcafe
  77. A3 Some connections remain in SocMed but others evolve into real life relationships #Socialcafe
  78. Q4) What's your preferred tool(s) for making connections on #socialmedia ? #Socialcafe
  79. A3: I used to miss opportunities at work events, because it was way too busy to stop and talk to everyone. #socialcafe
  80. A2) I don't have goals for connections; I start and stop, am inconsistent, & don't follow thru. #socialcafe  https://twitter.com/conpsweeney/status/725130770701029376 
  81. A3: Unfortunately some connections may be lost if you don't keep up to date with them. #socialcafe
  82. A3: Yes and no. I've managed to communicate and attend events where I meet different individuals working in the PR profession. #socialcafe
  83. A3 I notice an improvement in my followers' quality that over the last year or so #Socialcafe
  84. A3: yes, I try to add connections if I meet someone in the job world. This helps me on LinkedIn a lot of the time! #socialcafe
  85. #SocialCafe A3 I have not kept track. But the goal is to have steady growth. So you have to figure out a plan how to keep that consistency.
  86. @JessicaGall I Agee! You never know what connections you'll make until you put yourself out there #socialcafe
  87. A2) I don't have a specific method, I try to develop a connection if I notice similarities or just by simply communicating #socialcafe
  88. Q3) Has anyone had any measurable success with developing their following/connections? Why or why not? #Socialcafe
  89. A2: I use analytics to observe my progress and see what content my followers are interested in. #socialcafe
  90. #SocialCafe A2. Just go out and do it. Seek out connections and grab opportunities as they arise.
  91. A2) After an event, I try to tweet about it (or search for photos) and connect with other people at the same event (i.e. chefs). #socialcafe
  92. A2: Yes. I try to update my social media with new material and communicate with my followers. #socialcafe
  93. @alexanaderson Check out that link I just posted, it leads to a series on my blog on the subject #socialcafe
  94. A2: I dont have a method really, I would love to learn if anyone does anything to build more connections! #socialcafe
  95. A1 I came to social media to follow people who knew more than I. The followers came by themselves after #socialcafe
  96. Q2) Do you have goals for how you develop your following/connections & a methodology to do this? #socialcafe
  97. @conpsweeney this is true! I guess I'm more interested in the people rather than how many followers u have #socialcafe
  98. A1) More specifically, I work in hospitality (food and beverages) and it's really hard to "network" on the job, so this helps. #socialcafe
  99. A1: I think everyone who is on a social media accounts wants to create and grow a following. This shows who you/your brand are #socialcafe
  100. #SocialCafe A1. I'm on social media to learn and connect, not necessarily to gain a following. I would like to know how to for the future.
  101. A1) To connect with people that I otherwise wouldn't be able to. #socialcafe
  102. A1: I'm on social media to create connections that will help me move forward into my career in PR #Socialcafe
  103. A1) I wouldn't say I'm here for a following, more so to build connections. You never know where a mention can land you! #socialcafe
  104. Q1) How many of you are on #socialmedia to grow a following & if so, why? #socialcafe
  105. I am a student with @JessicaGall at UNT. We are in a social media class together! #socialcafe
  106. Hello everyone! I'm a UNT student from Denton TX participating in this tweet chat for the first time. #socialcafe
  107. Please give us a shoutout and let us know you’re here! #socialcafe