#SocialCafe 5.34 Chat Transcript

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#SocialCafe 08/23/16
  1. Hey all. Glad to be here at #SocialCafe and chatting with @conpsweeney Feel free to come join us!
  2. #socialcafe @socialwebcafe Do you think @twitter is a victim of its own success? Has it gotten too big and lost its way?
  3. #socialcafe @socialwebcafe Don't worry, I'm not going to ask you for your credit card number again!
  4. @conpsweeney Well, personally, I have seen less interest than previous years... @twitter #SocialCafe
  5. For example, I remember "back in the day" that Twitter Chats were not as well-known or popular. That is when I got into them #SocialCafe
  6. .@socialwebcafe @twitter #socialcafe I'm hearing similar things, the personal component is gone now...
  7. #socialcafe Hi. I'm Erica & new to the group. I am a beauty blogger & eager to learn more about social media
  8. It was right on that edge where people didn't quite know "how" and they were interested in participating. #SocialCafe
  9. It was also a great time to write about the how-to in leading twitter chats. Oh, the days. I got one of the popular ones going #SocialCafe
  10. ... and helped another one to get famous... those were the days! #SocialCafe
  11. Hi Erica! @ESKBeauty Welcome! #SocialCafe I love beauty blogging (and reading beauty blogs!) I have one, but...
  12. @ESKBeauty ... it doesn't get the attention it deserves... But, I have 25 blogs total... Please DO share your link with us! #SocialCafe
  13. I think you pegged it, @conpsweeney .. as far as that personal element. #SocialCafe
  14. For example, when I participate in a #twitterchat and no one says "hi," I figure they are too busy for me and don't return #SocialCafe
  15. Ok & Erica ESKBeauty please don't think I said "hi" to prove a point.. lol I really enjoy the personal aspect of #socialmedia #SocialCafe
  16. .@ESKBeauty @socialwebcafe Please feel free to jump in! Deb and I are just chatting while our guardians take a break! #socialcafe
  17. @ESKBeauty Sure thing! It proves a point, but that wasn't why. We like to say "hi" and chat ;) #SocialCafe
  18. .@ESKBeauty @socialwebcafe Please feel free to share anything as long as it doesn't get us banned! #socialcafe
  19. Oh, absolutely! @ESKBeauty Nice site. I really like how uncluttered and easy to follow your site is! #SocialCafe
  20. @conpsweeney @ESKBeauty Good way to put it, Con. Yeah, I don't think we have "rules" per se. We just chat. #SocialCafe
  21. @socialwebcafe #socialcafe.....thanks for the input. I always welcome it. Always trying to better it
  22. I don't know if u r being too kind or what, @conpsweeney But true.. I put too much on my plate! Better to focus like @ESKBeauty #SocialCafe
  23. Definitely want to check out the Twitter Relationship tool and all of the great benefits that @commun_it has to offer! #SocialCafe #ad
  24. @ESKBeauty That is a good attitude. Even in life, always learning and trying to better ourselves.. #SocialCafe
  25. @ESKBeauty Oh BTW - I am writing a book about a Jazz Singer in New Orleans. I need to visit the city to make it authentic! #SocialCafe
  26. @socialwebcafe #socialcafe. I left 12 years of being a paralegal to be a blogger. At least no more abusive attys
  27. @ESKBeauty Good point! Blogging sounds so much more relaxing, somehow! #SocialCafe
  28. Although I really want to visit New Orleans and experience the intriguing culture, I think I have to finish the PhD first.. #SocialCafe
  29. @ESKBeauty - What do you think about the personal element of Twitter and #socialmedia in general? #SocialCafe
  30. @socialwebcafe #socialcafe. I think the degree should come first too. What are you studying. And come to New Orleans in the Spring or Fall
  31. @ESKBeauty Studying psychology.. because people matter ;) Ah, so not the summer, eh? #SocialCafe #humid ?
  32. @conpsweeney Make sure to include Erica, so she has a chance to make some money lol @ESKBeauty #SocialCafe
  33. @socialwebcafe #socialcafe Sorry, but what do you mean by personal element? I'm a liittle in the dark. Sorry
  34. @conpsweeney yeah, not sure if that is figuratively (which applies) or literally lol #SocialCafe
  35. Aloha everyone :) Work schedule changed so now I am free to join #SOCIALCAFE chats again lol
  36. @ESKBeauty For example.. There are a lot of promotional (one-way) tweets versus conversational #SocialCafe
  37. I think the only tricky thing is that we do 30 min chats now. Are you still able to join us even if earlier by 30 min? #SocialCafe
  38. #socialcafe Sorry but I have to bail! See everyone next week! Good night!
  39. Hey Erica @ESKBeauty meet @UneekDiva She is one of our "regulars" here on #SocialCafe (There has to be a better term, eh?) lol
  40. Oh guys/gals .. I hate to do this and bail on you, but I actually have to go pack to head out for a psychology PhD residency! #SocialCafe
  41. That doesn't stop you two from chatting about psychology and I'll catch up reading the #SocialCafe transcript and see you all next week :)
  42. @socialwebcafe #socialcafe There needs to be a balance. We need it to promote for business, but have it social to meet those to learn from
  43. @ESKBeauty @socialwebcafe I am hoping to graduate with my Bachelors next semester not sure what to do next though #SocialCafe

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