#SocialCafe 5.35 Chat Transcript

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  1. Hey Erica @ESKBeauty meet @UneekDiva She is one of our "regulars" here on #SocialCafe (There has to be a better term, eh?) lol
  2. Oh guys/gals .. I hate to do this and bail on you, but I actually have to go pack to head out for a psychology PhD residency! #SocialCafe
  3. That doesn't stop you two from chatting about psychology and I'll catch up reading the #SocialCafe transcript and see you all next week :)
  4. @socialwebcafe #socialcafe There needs to be a balance. We need it to promote for business, but have it social to meet those to learn from
  5. @ESKBeauty @socialwebcafe I am hoping to graduate with my Bachelors next semester not sure what to do next though #SocialCafe
  6. #socialcafe Give us a shoutout and let us know you're there! (This way Deb won't have to just chat with me!)
  7. I am being nosey.. looking at a question brought up at the end of #linkedinchat that has me curious #SocialCafe
  8. #socialcafe Just talked about success on #linkedinchat What does success look like to you on #socialmedia ?
  9. It is a question of whether or not to include course work on a social media profile. What do you think @conpsweeney #SocialCafe
  10. #socialcafe @socialwebcafe I replied that it should be but the relevancy to the profile should be made clear
  11. #socialcafe @socialwebcafe You're getting philosophical on me now? Please remember how late it is here and I've had a long day!
  12. Your use of the word "relevancy" may help to steer some people on what should be (and shouldn't be) on a social profile #SocialCafe
  13. Picture this.. After a weekend with other #PhD candidates, you can only imagine the philosophy going through my head right now! #SocialCafe
  14. While social profiles may be an opportunity to brag, one needs to determine if that is the only purpose or more #SocialCafe
  15. #socialcafe @socialwebcafe Many students overlook the importance of relevant academic work to their #linkedin profiles
  16. Are u creating the social profile 4 urself, to review ur own accomplishments, or 4 future clients to get a sense of what you do #SocialCafe
  17. In statistics, I teach about importance versus relevance. Something may be one, but not the other, depending on situation #SocialCafe
  18. @conpsweeney No, but it sounds interesting! #SocialCafe Hmmm... should I quote it in my dissertation? :D
  19. @conpsweeney Wow. That is interesting. I'm sure that is something that is "good to know" and foundational #SocialCafe
  20. Now I picture "overload" happening, adding it to a list. As it is, it seems like some students are reaching that point #SocialCafe
  21. @conpsweeney You crack me up, Con. Have you ever thought of becoming a comedian? Seriously! #SocialCafe
  22. There is a great marketing book that I read that has to do with "marketing lies." I must be brain dead cuz I can't think of it #SocialCafe
  23. It finally hit me. "Trust Me, I'm Lying," by Ryan Holiday. #SocialCafe
  24. Another month! Thank you for your continued support! =D I really appreciate all of you! (And, if you haven't already, join our #SocialCafe
  25. Inspired by @UFSMM to revamp my twitter! Can't wait to start learning from #SocialCafe #SMM

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