#SocialCafe 5.40 Chat Transcript

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#SocialCafe 20161004
  1. Our current #SocialCafe is 30 min, from 9p - 9:30p EDT (or for me, 6p - 6:30p)
  2. @conpsweeney Oh, I responded to that one right away. I'm always ready for fun. How about you, @BrittaniRast ? Ready for fun? #SocialCafe
  3. But, I wouldn't be surprised if something happened to my tweet response.. Tweetdeck is acting odd. Thought it was my computer.. #SocialCafe
  4. ... but my laptop is the same, on Facebook. So, I'm starting to wonder about the Internet.. #SocialCafe
  5. I was going to say, to tweet "It's a small world..." as you are going through that ride, but that ride isn't there.. #SocialCafe
  6. @socialwebcafe It's a rumor in the business media... You have to get out more! #socialcafe
  7. @conpsweeney I need to pinch myself. R we for real? e.g. presidential candidates (NOT going there, I promise).. these buyers #SocialCafe
  8. @socialwebcafe Not too worry, only means the end of the world as we know it is near! #socialcafe
  9. @conpsweeney Ok, that is funny. And, yet, not funny. Definitely quotable! #SocialCafe
  10. Do u ever have "dings" go off and you can't figure out what device? Let alone app.. #SocialCafe Yeah, I agree Con.. going 4 next week :)
  11. Hi @BrittaniRast and @Blanca_ReyesP Great to see you! Unfortunately, our #SocialCafe twitter chat ended 40 min ago :(
  12. #SocialCafe I think @Disney wants to buy @twitter b/c the CEO of Twitter is on the Disney board..also to push out more content socially
  13. @socialwebcafe I just turn off all notifications and sound from my phone. lol nothing random bothering me #SocialCafe
  14. I am happy to add you to my twitter #SocialCafe reminder list, if you'd like. Just let me know ;) @BrittaniRast and @Blanca_ReyesP
  15. Come hear Kim Krause Berg's story LIVE in about an hour. Details here >>  http://ht.ly/hu7p304EPay  #SocialCafe
  16. You are welcome anytime at #SocialCafe   In particular, we gather at 6p PDT / 9p EDT on Tuesday nights :) https://t.co/9DZbGwSP8Z
    You are welcome anytime at #SocialCafe In particular, we gather at 6p PDT / 9p EDT on Tuesday nights :) pic.twitter.com/9DZbGwSP8Z
  17. Another month! Thank you for your continued support! =D I really appreciate all of you! (And, if you haven't already, join our #SocialCafe
  18. @conpsweeney I think that may be the case. No complaints. Good company that you are, Con! #SocialCafe
  19. Seriously? #Meerkat, too? Is Facebook streaming that successful? #SocialCafe
  20. @socialwebcafe Possibly h=but there was #Periscope too and they're working on a new group chat product #socialcafe
  21. And, if you count innovative "next big things," we also lost tsu, too #SocialCafe (Anything else?)
  22. @socialwebcafe They don't hang around as long as they used too! #Myspace is still out there somewhere? #socialcafe
  23. @socialwebcafe Only an article that it's done and they're working on something new #socialcafe
  24. @conpsweeney Yeah, but where? #Myspace used to seriously be the rage (especially for musicians) #SocialCafe
  25. The myspace downfall really sent the musicians scrambling for stats when it came to places like RN #SocialCafe
  26. RN (Reverbnation) is a culmination of stats and many musicians had 100s of thousands of fans on MySpace #SocialCafe
  27. Speaking of connections.. What is the news with LI? Is it going to survive? #SocialCafe
  28. @conpsweeney So we are thinking that that is going to turn out to be a good thing, at least for LI, eh? #SocialCafe
  29. @conpsweeney I guess I wasn't paying attention. I'm all ears... @Microsoft Then, again, the @Minecraft story may have to wait #SocialCafe

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