#SocialCafe 5.44 Chat Transcript

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#SocialCafe 20161101
  1. Another month! Thank you for your continued support! =D I really appreciate all of you! (And, if you haven't already, join our #SocialCafe
  2. Please give us a shoutout and let us know you’re here! #socialcafe
  3. #socialcafe OK, looks like I may have to wing this by myself for a bit...
  4. I use majority of the most popular social media platforms. At least an hour a day. #Socialcafe
  5. Hi all. I didn't forget about you... Will be with you soon :) #SocialCafe
  6. I have used social less often lately (mostly FB) because they've strayed away from focusing on people and more on content #SocialCafe
  7. @conpsweeney Majority personal but I mainly use twitter for school and to learn about careers that interest me. #socialcafe
  8. I personally use tons of social media. Well I think so anyways. #socialcafe
  9. HEY EVERYONE! I usually use FB every day, always reposting things I find hilarious or disruptive :P #SocialCafe
  10. But as far as things that matter I usually use Twitter for that such as school and what not. #SocialCafe
  11. @conpsweeney Twitter and Facebook are definitely the most beneficial. Snapchat, Instagram and Tumblr are all just for fun #socialcafe
  12. Its like a rock being thrown into a still pond has a ripple effect @conpsweeney #SocialCafe
  13. #socialcafe Does anyone feel there is a saturation point beyond which #socialmedia has limited usefulness?
  14. I'm on just about any major platform and actively use them, mostly Twitter. I think it's important to stay relevant to followers #socialcafe
  15. @conpsweeney It really trended that way once the ability to "share" went live IMO. #SocialCafe
  16. @CollinFreeman5 There are political parties that will be interested in you upon graduation! #socialcafe
  17. I feel as if some or most posts on socail media just get ignored. #SocialCafe
  18. I think social media can always be beneficial, just depends on the content being produced and the messages being distributed. #socialcafe  https://twitter.com/conpsweeney/status/793623095252774912 
  19. I don't believe there's a limit to social media's usefulness. There's always something new. #socialcafe
  20. I believe social media can always be useful if used for the right reasons #socialcafe
  21. Though, I could tell stories of 'Deb trying to tweet while doing the #SocialCafe hangout' (as promised).
  22. It was.. "Balance here.. smile, u are on camera... " while trying to find my Hootsuite on a laptop the size of a small tablet.. #SocialCafe
  23. Ok - apologies that I am rudely interrupting the wonderful conversation that you all have been having #SocialCafe
  24. You ok if I save the content/conversation/discussion that was planned for tonight for our next #SocialCafe ?
  25. Ask NOT what #SocialMedia can do FOR you...ask what YOU can do WITH Social Media! #socialcafe
  26. @socialwebcafe No interruption I think everyone is relieved that you're now here! My vacation pix were up next! #socialcafe
  27. RT @ChaimShapiro Ask NOT what #SocialMedia can do FOR you...ask what YOU can do WITH Social Media! #socialcafe
  28. @ChaimShapiro Spoken like a true pro! Very true, though. Social media is versatile and flexible, easy to take advantage of. #socialcafe
  29. @CollinFreeman5 With news about #Bebo (the reinvention of #Blab) we had the chat with Ms. @Ileane and then discussion here on #SocialCafe
  30. However, we went a bit over on our chat and so I'm thinking that maybe the "discussion" part can occur during our next #SocialCafe (?)
  31. #socialcafe Have to bail now! Thanks for joining everyone! See you next week!
  32. Looking 4ward to next week! I already have the questions lined up. That was easy.. moving from 2night to next wk :) See u then! #SocialCafe

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