#SocialCafe 5.46 Chat Transcript

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20161115 #SocialCafe
  1. A5 I will look for more opportunities to use live streaming with clients #socialcafe
  2. Hey, as a special. If u want 15 min sound & lighting check, schedule a free session here (time limited)  http://sw.bcafe.co/setupCall  #SocialCafe
  3. @executiveoasis Looks like a great conversation. don't have my speakers on, on this 'puter (I know, weird) but I'll take a look #SocialCafe
  4. Thank u for joining us for our 30 min #SocialCafe Chat. Feel free to keep chatting, just wanted to let you know we appreciate u!
  5. .@kenlcarl I like watching it - I do feel like it is strange when there are a bunch of people watching & zero participation lol #socialcafe
  6. A5: I'm probably going to try to figure out more about livestreaming since I don't know that much about it to begin with! Lol. #socialcafe
  7. @kenlcarl U know what.. I get hung up in the part of whether my makeup is right, the hair/hat, etc. and that prevents the ad lib #SocialCafe
  8. Q4: Probably YouTube, since a lot of the people here on #socialcafe tonight seem to like it! Time to expand my horizons.
  9. @executiveoasis Yeah Google does not make it particularly easy. We actually embed it live so people can watch it live, not easy #SocialCafe
  10. A3: I definitely watch Facebook live, but I hardly participate unless I am the one livestreaming it. #socialcafe
  11. #socialcafe Have to bail now! Good night everyone! See you next week!
  12. @UneekDiva Good point. That might be why I keep hanging on to YouTube. We have prof lights, sound, etc. and YT is conducive #SocialCafe
  13. @kenlcarl Good for you! I haven't used it yet (blush). So you are ahead of me :) #SocialCafe
  14. A5: Figure out WHAT I'm going to share, which platform and how often/schedule :) #socialcafe
  15. A5 I'm going to get Facebook Live actually scheduled, instead of on a list. #SocialCafe
  16. #socialcafe The main challenge with YouTube live is that you don't get the link until you go live so it is shared at the last minute.
  17. I like Periscope for quick and on-the-go streaming but that sometimes takes from the quality of what you're watching. #socialcafe
  18. A1: Probably Facebook! I've actually used it once or twice. It's the only one I really know how to work with. #socialcafe
  19. @executiveoasis hehe I love how you said it was interesting. I'm trying to picture if that is good, or ... #SocialCafe :)
  20. Q5 What will you be adding to your strategy this week, after #SocialCafe (Hint: learn more about liveStreaming :) )?
  21. @UneekDiva Good point! There is no reason to limit ourselves to one platform. If you can mix 'em, mix 'em! #SocialCafe
  22. So (thanks to @executiveoasis ) we could say the first step is defining the objective (as is the case in many things/strategies) #SocialCafe
  23. That reminds me (thinking of what @executiveoasis said.. What is the goal? Blab often had entertaining chatter. Shows? Webinars? #SocialCafe
  24. I have seen people livestream on Periscope and upload it via YouTube as well. Thoughts? #socialcafe
  25. A3 I mostly watch YouTube but I did participate in one interactive session. It was interesting. #socialcafe
  26. @Will_Jenkins Very true. We create our own environment 4 our #livestreaming as it is more difficult, as you say, to participate #SocialCafe
  27. @UneekDiva Then you can come back and be one of the SME (subject matter experts) and teach us ;) #SocialCafe
  28. A3: I think YouTube is still the best platform to just watch on and maybe not participate. #socialcafe
  29. I need to try Periscope again to see how it is when people are commenting/asking questions. #socialcafe
  30. A3 Pretty much I watch and participate in YouTube livestreaming. Though, I usually use “live event” #SocialCafe
  31. @UneekDiva If you need tips, let me know. We have an in-house video studio, so that is what we do :) #SocialCafe
  32. Q3 Are there some you like to watch, but not participate? #SocialCafe
  33. I just had to quote you, Will. Absolutely true. I haven't gone there, but definitely been watching. #SocialCafe  https://twitter.com/Will_Jenkins/status/798710001246339073 
  34. A2: Viewing! I'm hoping to start making videos towards the end of the year and trying to decide which platform to use. #socialcafe
  35. @UneekDiva That makes sense and is probably the reason for me. I tried Blab, but... Thinking about Periscope, too #SocialCafe
  36. A2 Actually, yes (YouTube). I was getting into Blab, but I’m not sure that I will try Bebo. #SocialCafe
  37. A1: I think Facebook live has really taken the live streaming universe by storm and they keep adding more and more features #SocialCafe
  38. Off-Topic Question for you >> Anyone interested in learning how to understand statistics and analysis (i.e. web stats)? #SocialCafe
  39. Q2 Is that your favorite (or list of favorites) for viewing, streaming, or both)? #SocialCafe
  40. A1: YouTube is my favorite but probably because I have been using it (as a viewer) for so long. Periscope is my next favorite #socialcafe
  41. @conpsweeney It took me a while to figure that out.. Nah, people just liked to use it for free :) #shamelessplug #socialcafe
  42. Q1 What would you say your favorite livestreaming software is (i.e. YouTube, Facebook...) #SocialCafe
  43. @executiveoasis Welcome! Glad to have you here. We are talking about LiveStreaming platforms. Do you have a favorite 2nite? #SocialCafe
  44. I was too late for LinkedIn Chat so I am checking out #socialcafe for the first time.
  45. #ShamelessPlug is something that I ( @socialwebcafe ) created for another twitter chat and it took off like wildfire. #SocialCafe
  46. @kenlcarl Welcome, Kendall and #untj4460 If you watch any YouTube videos then we can consider you an expert in watching :) #SocialCafe
  47. We are bringing back the #ShamelessPlug So, feel free to start composing those bragging tweets all about you! #SocialCafe
  48. Hello! Representing #untj4460 tonight. I don't know much about livestreaming platforms, but I'm excited to learn! #socialcafe
  49. Welcome to the #SocialCafe Chat at our weekly Tues 9pm EST / 6p PST slot.

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