#SocialCafe 5.47 Chat Transcript

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#SocialCafe 20161122
  1. Collaboration - like most things - has to be unique to the persons involved #SocialCafe https://t.co/cSvE1CJerp
    Collaboration - like most things - has to be unique to the persons involved #SocialCafe pic.twitter.com/cSvE1CJerp
  2. I hope that I am not so egotistical to think that it is all about the US, as we share a wonderful globe together... #SocialCafe
  3. That said, in light of the US Thanksgiving holiday, I'm curious about what we can list, when it comes to being thankful, eh? #SocialCafe
  4. #socialcafe We may have lost my partner-in-crime @socialwebcafe to technical difficulties!
  5. @conpsweeney @socialwebcafe ....thankful for all "problems" we think we have...we should be so lucky when consider rest of globe #socialcafe
  6. @socialwebcafe ....learning about this "twitter" thing on a daily basis...coming from the linkedin discussion group world #socialcafe
  7. That's a good point! That reminds me.. I was reminding my daughter to be thankful for youth.. it goes fast :) @ArtSolutionsPJM #SocialCafe
  8. @socialwebcafe LOL You're kidding right? The deal's not even finished yet and the price hasn't increased either! #socialcafe
  9. I felt "ancient" this evening, while teaching, & talking abt "Dewey Decimal System" and while brilliant, thankful for internet! #SocialCafe
  10. @socialwebcafe and mine reminded me to be thankful for experience ...and use it carefully....pretty cool for an 18 year old #socialcafe
  11. @ArtSolutionsPJM @socialwebcafe Indeed! If I were her I would have asked for an increase in my allowance at the same time! #socialcafe
  12. @ArtSolutionsPJM That is really impressive! Would you say she is a "thinker" (philosopher, maybe?) #SocialCafe
  13. @conpsweeney @socialwebcafe she already asked me for a piece of her academic scholarship...a performance bonus! #socialcafe
  14. @conpsweeney So many things we used "back then" that are almost forgotten. #SocialCafe
  15. @socialwebcafe thinks like a lawyer (me) with the power of psychology AND philosophy....yikes! #socialcafe
  16. Speaking of Latin ... @conpsweeney I was going through "Statistical notation" and explaining the Greek letters... #SocialCafe Oh, the days..
  17. at the end of the day....I aspire to be a problem solver....if she only picks up that from me....then I have done some good work #socialcafe  https://twitter.com/conpsweeney/status/801247909148852224 
  18. @ArtSolutionsPJM Certainly enough problems in the world, she won't be hurting for work! #socialcafe
  19. @ArtSolutionsPJM From the sounds of things, it appears u have already accomplished ur goal! She sounds like she is headed there #SocialCafe
  20. @socialwebcafe now I just need to learn how to "step aside" and not get run over lol #socialcafe
  21. @ArtSolutionsPJM Oops... If I had "held my horses," I would have received the link before asking you.. lol #SocialCafe :)
  22. @conpsweeney anytime....it is truly the secret to successful business development #socialcafe its all about "the why"
  23. Ok, here is one.. Thankful for health, love, life, and family. A bit cliche, but true. #SocialCafe
  24. @socialwebcafe @simonsinek BINGO! #socialcafe it is a game changer, especially if u download actual script and read it word for word
  25. @socialwebcafe Yes, all the above and friends like you two who stay up late with me on Tuesdays! #socialcafe
  26. Also, thankful for community & the ability to help each other out with internet tools, like @ArtSolutionsPJM sharing of #TedTalk #SocialCafe
  27. @socialwebcafe turn the horses loose.....i try to "fail forward" at least once a day!! #socialcafe
  28. Thanks for sharing that! I believe I know what I will be watching this evening :) #SocialCafe @ArtSolutionsPJM @simonsinek
  29. @socialwebcafe I used the 3 ring "why, how, what" to connect with a new client #socialcafe and....it was over the phone!!!
  30. @ArtSolutionsPJM U sound like a problem solver & inspiration, Peter. If you ever want to "pontificate" live, in an interview... #SocialCafe
  31. @ArtSolutionsPJM .... Feel free to pick a time & I'd love to interview you >>  http://sw.bcafe.co/setupCall  #SocialCafe (1 of 2 appts ..no cost)
  32. @ArtSolutionsPJM Great chatting with you! And, sounds like you have a lot to share/inspire (the interview offer is genuine) #SocialCafe
  33. Thanks for joining us for our 30 min #SocialCafe this (US) Thanksgiving week. Best to all of you & yours! Till next week > same time/place
  34. Any topics for the night? It has bee a while since I've been active! #SocialCafe

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