#SocialCafe 5.48 Chat Transcript

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#SocialCafe 20161129
  1. Collaboration - like most things - has to be unique to the persons involved #SocialCafe https://t.co/cSvE1CJerp
    Collaboration - like most things - has to be unique to the persons involved #SocialCafe pic.twitter.com/cSvE1CJerp
  2. Welcome, everyone, to another weekly #SocialCafe time together! It is a 30 min virtual event held weekly :)
  3. RT Hi there. Our topics this month have been surrounding livestreaming, camera, etc. Sure, come join us in 20 min #SocialCafe #UNTJ4270
  4. Please give us a shout out and let us know you're here! #socialcafe
  5. If u are out there, feel free to jump in & say hello. Also, share a little bit about urself. If you are a student, what major? #SocialCafe
  6. @CollinFreeman5 I was thinking about u as I composed that last tweet :) #SocialCafe So, how r classes going so far? Love to hear/listen :)
  7. Hey there! I'm Sarah and I'm a journalism student at UNT. I do social media management on the side and chats are very helpful #SocialCafe
  8. Integrative studies major at UNT, studying Real-Estate, AD, and interpersonal COMM #SocialCafe
  9. Classes are going great! About to start cramming for finals lol @socialwebcafe #SocialCafe
  10. @Lagroski Welcome! I'm glad that you find chats helpful. I do, too :) #SocialCafe
  11. @CollinFreeman5 Wow - that is quite the balance. Real Estate AND communications? Although, that makes a lot of sense! #SocialCafe
  12. @Lagroski So, how do you like your journalism studies? Are you finding it even more enjoyable than you expected? #SocialCafe
  13. Ok, so here is one for you.... Q1 Does live streaming have a place in the life of a student? If so, why/how? #SocialCafe
  14. @socialwebcafe It all seems to intertwine in ways! Will really help my sales techniques in the future! #SocialCafe
  15. I thought of that last question because I am taking a class/program and one of our 1st assignments was just that! A video intro #SocialCafe
  16. @CollinFreeman5 You know, sometime I don't know if I am being philosophical, or just realizing, now, how things intertwine. lol #SocialCafe
  17. A1 I think being able to live stream (or record a video intro) is a great skill to help in college presentations (and life!) #SocialCafe
  18. A1: I think it does for certain situations. I like to see people stream events/occasions but not so much daily activities. #socialcafe
  19. A1: Depends on what you are using live action for! I could see it working if a group member is out of town. #SocialCafe
  20. Good points, @CollinFreeman5 & @Lagroski I agree. I don't need to know which breakfast cereal, but a group event makes sense #SocialCafe
  21. Q2 Which do u prefer to "record" >> ad lib or scripted? Which do you prefer to watch >> ad lib or scripted? Or, does it depend? #SocialCafe
  22. A1: Using @Skype is also a very helpful tool if you want to have a meeting in the comfort of your own home! #SocialCafe
  23. @socialwebcafe @CollinFreeman5 @Lagroski Actually, I find it useful in knowing if folks have had a high sugar cereal! #socialcafe
  24. @conpsweeney @CollinFreeman5 Yeah, I admit Con knows me.. lol #SocialCafe (Con - u were spared watching me learn Greek @ 13 yrs old)
  25. A2: When watching I don't have a preference, but when recording it depends. If it's important I'll do scripted but ad lib is fun #socialcafe
  26. @conpsweeney @CollinFreeman5 @Lagroski True - knowing that they may be having a sugar high may be helpful in understanding them #SocialCafe
  27. Ooh @CollinFreeman5 Another good point! And, I'm not just saying that :) Yes, @Skype is a great way to get comfy with video #SocialCafe
  28. Speaking of @Skype... There r tools to auto record meetings. That comes in handy, as automatic "minutes." Also, recordings #SocialCafe
  29. A2: Im not very good with scripts I tend to just go with the flow! Planning makes me nervous lol #SocialCafe
  30. Don't forget to check out @commun_it as what I consider to be the best Twitter relationship building tool! #SocialCafe
  31. @CollinFreeman5 I think some of the best videos r the unscripted. I am also a singer & when I learned to scat, as a Jazz singer #SocialCafe
  32. ... by allowing the scatting (unscripted singing), it opened up a whole new world. Now, it is a form of expression #SocialCafe
  33. This just popped in my head, as a part of our series... @socialalex - how would you like to be our featured guest next week on #SocialCafe ?
  34. Friends and Cafe'ers, Ales ( @socialalex ) is a dear friend and I would say, SME on the topic of livestreaming #SocialCafe
  35. Since we r nearing the end of our 30 min, I wanted to be sure to ask him. I know Alex has a lot to share & is also philosophical #SocialCafe
  36. @conpsweeney Idk if it's just on my end but I cant see your tweets, I just get notifications #SocialCafe
  37. Thank you so much, everyone, for joining us for this week's #SocialCafe Looking forward to another discussion next week, with @socialalex
  38. @CollinFreeman5 Are u able to see all of the other tweets? Also, what app? It could be a Twitter filtering thing @conpsweeney #SocialCafe
  39. @Lagroski Hi Sarah. I just noticed your response and you nailed it on the "fun" aspect of ad lib. Yeah, I think "it depends" #SocialCafe

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