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#SocialCafe 20161227
  1. @conpsweeney @socialwebcafe That is a very practically thing to do now since our lives are on social. #socialcafe
  2. @biibiipfoods @conpsweeney No kidding. I was watching some old cop shows and trying to imagine life w/o #socialmedia #SocialCafe
  3. @socialwebcafe but as a newly started company how can that build on into a relationship with our customers? #socialcafe
  4. Years (decades) ago, people sent holiday cards | Now we can greet hundreds at once using #socialmedia #SocialCafe
  5. I like saving money on postage * Or, maybe spending it on internet fees, instead #SocialCafe
  6. True. I used to do weekly newsletters. Now, it is shorter blog posts that are linked via #socialmedia #SocialCafe
  7. Oops ... I think @conpsweeney nailed it with the "more bang for your buck!" #SocialCafe
  8. I like that tools like that offered by @commun_it allow us to build relationships even during the holidays #SocialCafe
  9. Does anyone else remember when #GIFs were the rage... then went away and now they are back? #SocialCafe
  10. Great idea, to find out who Santa is, in a photo of friends. Thanks for sharing, @conpsweeney #SocialCafe
  11. @conpsweeney I am! How are you this evening, Con? Ready for our New Year? #SocialCafe
  12. @socialwebcafe Not good! We lost another great one today! I want this year to be over! #socialcafe
  13. @conpsweeney Are we referring to a few beloved celebrities who are no longer with us? #SocialCafe
  14. I have had my nose in dissertations so far that I missed some of the news. Mike is filling me in now. #sad #SocialCafe
  15. @conpsweeney I agree! It has been a tough year for many. I would list the items of toughness, but don't want to remind anyone. #SocialCafe
  16. @conpsweeney Well, better to find out within a reasonable time than wonder years later (if that makes sense) #SocialCafe
  17. Q1 What have we learned, personally (if you desire to share :) ) in 2016? #SocialCafe
  18. I did throw together a couple of ideas/questions for "thinking" toward a new (and hopefully better) 2017 #SocialCafe
  19. @conpsweeney Speaking of... I've been researching the generations for some articles. I'm one of those stuck between two.. #SocialCafe
  20. A1 Health and family needs to come first, no matter what :) #SocialCafe
  21. Q3 What will we do different, personally (if you desire to share :) ), in 2017? #SocialCafe
  22. A3 I will put less on my plate in 2017 = less personal disappointments for others, too #SocialCafe
  23. Q4 What will we do different, in the professional realm, in 2017? #SocialCafe #FinalQuestion2016
  24. A4 Same as personal, I'm going to work toward putting less on my professional plate #SocialCafe #FinishDissertation
  25. @conpsweeney That is great, Con! That means you have found your groove and something that works! Cool! #SocialCafe
  26. So, when can we expect your webinar series that teaches the rest of us the secrets to your success? I mean that seriously! #SocialCafe
  27. @socialwebcafe And, with that, I'll take my leave and fade away into #2016 ! #HAPPYNEWYEAR to all! #socialcafe
  28. Another month! Thank you for your continued support! =D I really appreciate all of you! (And, if you haven't already, join our #SocialCafe
  29. Welcome, everyone, to our weekly 30 min #SocialCafe Twitter Chat!

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