#SocialCafe 6.1 Chat Transcript

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#SocialCafe 20170103
  1. Collaboration - like most things - has to be unique to the persons involved #SocialCafe https://t.co/cSvE1CJerp
    Collaboration - like most things - has to be unique to the persons involved #SocialCafe pic.twitter.com/cSvE1CJerp
  2. I have had my nose in dissertations so far that I missed some of the news. Mike is filling me in now. #sad #SocialCafe
  3. @conpsweeney I agree! It has been a tough year for many. I would list the items of toughness, but don't want to remind anyone. #SocialCafe
  4. @conpsweeney Well, better to find out within a reasonable time than wonder years later (if that makes sense) #SocialCafe
  5. Q1 What have we learned, personally (if you desire to share :) ) in 2016? #SocialCafe
  6. I did throw together a couple of ideas/questions for "thinking" toward a new (and hopefully better) 2017 #SocialCafe
  7. @conpsweeney Speaking of... I've been researching the generations for some articles. I'm one of those stuck between two.. #SocialCafe
  8. A1 Health and family needs to come first, no matter what :) #SocialCafe
  9. Q3 What will we do different, personally (if you desire to share :) ), in 2017? #SocialCafe
  10. A3 I will put less on my plate in 2017 = less personal disappointments for others, too #SocialCafe
  11. Q4 What will we do different, in the professional realm, in 2017? #SocialCafe #FinalQuestion2016
  12. A4 Same as personal, I'm going to work toward putting less on my professional plate #SocialCafe #FinishDissertation
  13. @conpsweeney That is great, Con! That means you have found your groove and something that works! Cool! #SocialCafe
  14. So, when can we expect your webinar series that teaches the rest of us the secrets to your success? I mean that seriously! #SocialCafe
  15. @socialwebcafe And, with that, I'll take my leave and fade away into #2016 ! #HAPPYNEWYEAR to all! #socialcafe
  16. Another month! Thank you for your continued support! =D I really appreciate all of you! (And, if you haven't already, join our #SocialCafe
  17. Welcome, everyone, to our weekly 30 min #SocialCafe Twitter Chat!
  18. #socialcafe Please give us a shoutout and let us know you're there!
  19. Yes, as @conpsweeney says - Happy New Year! Are we ready for 2017? (And, what does that mean?) #SocialCafe
  20. Hey @conpsweeney ... while we are giving some time for any #shoutouts I have a question. What did we learn in #linkedinchat ? #SocialCafe
  21. @conpsweeney Oooh... that sounds interesting! It just so happens that I was writing an email to someone on that very topic.. #SocialCafe
  22. U r right. I should have! Let me extend an invitation to every1 to join #LinkedInChat where Con guides you in the Twitter Chat #SocialCafe  https://twitter.com/conpsweeney/status/816465776777555968 
  23. Q1 What social networks do you see as the most beneficial in 2017? #SocialCafe
  24. @conpsweeney Con, you read my mind! I'll give you credit for the question. I just happened to add a "Q1" to it :D #SocialCafe
  25. A1 Well, on the topic of #LinkedIn I think it is safe to say it isn't dead yet and for business, it is still viable for SM #SocialCafe
  26. Good point, Chaim! Realistically, we can't be in all places 24/7 so targeting by objective is good. #SocialCafe  https://twitter.com/ChaimShapiro/status/816467106137014272 
  27. @conpsweeney @socialwebcafe I think it was an opinion of @MotleyFool that twitter relevancy could be boosted by Trump. #socialcafe
  28. @conpsweeney Oooh - Great insight, Con. (And, you fit it in a tweet! That's talent!) #SocialCafe
  29. Q2 Do you think the visual social networks (i.e. YouTube, Pinterest, Instagram, etc.) will grow in popularity in 2017? #SocialCafe
  30. @conpsweeney Another good point. Some of us have been using these for a while, but I agree they have picked up in popularity. #SocialCafe
  31. I'm curious... Anyone using #snapchat regularly? If so, thoughts/insights? #SocialCafe
  32. A1 Yes, visual networks are gaining and I think that will continue in 2017 (even with some of them disappearing in 2016) #SocialCafe
  33. How many years have I been doing Twitter Chats? My A1 is supposed to be A2 lol #SocialCafe #needSleepin2017
  34. @LilyinSand It happens to all of us - very understandable. I just apologize that I may have missed ur tweets @socialcafechat #SocialCafe
  35. A3 I have my "processes" in place and now my 2017 goal is to implement them more regularly and teach others how #SocialMedia #SocialCafe
  36. @conpsweeney And, you are well on your way on those goals, even 3 days into the new year, eh? #GoodJob Con! #SocialCafe
  37. @LilyinSand I like that! Finding a comfort zone. When you find it, please come back and let us know how to find ours :) #SocialCafe
  38. A3 Another goal is to put more time into #SocialCafe and providing #SocialMedia resources for our extended group
  39. A little exp'tion of the 30 min #SocialCafe We r doing something fresh & innovative, allowing for Twitter Chat that fits in any schedule.
  40. @LilyinSand Ah, we may not know each other well, but even in this brief time, I believe in your potential :) #SocialCafe
  41. Looking forward to momentum and movement in #SocialCafe in 2017. With that, thanks for joining us and we will catch you same time next week
  42. @socialcafechat I don't, but I know several of the local stand-up comedians use it to self promote.
  43. @socialwebcafe I think so. A picture is worth a thousand words. It seems that condensed info that can be quickly understood is certainly big
  44. @socialwebcafe @conpsweeney I've lurked too long, but when a major figure prefers a platform, I can't imagine that it won't have influence.
  45. @conpsweeney @socialwebcafe I think it was an opinion of @MotleyFool that twitter relevancy could be boosted by Trump. #socialcafe
  46. @ProToolReviews @thetoolaholic Drill hammer? Oooooooo. I shouldn't go to this dentist. I shouldn't go.... Must resist the pull of the tool.
  47. @ShannonRenee Thank you for being a strong voice in the #LinkedInChat today. You definitely helped to inspire my #Linkedin efforts tonight.
  48. @ShannonRenee Same here. @conpsweeney Do you have any particular articles you recommend for a beginner with LI? #LinkedInChat
  49. @MAPI_Mfg_info How do you recommend handling large temperature variations during steel machining? There has to be a way to do so efficiently
  50. @DIYandwine Although, I wonder if wine rings would blend better with the marble on the right. ;-)

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