#SocialCafe 6.6 Chat Transcript

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#SocialCafe 02/07/17
  1. Collaboration - like most things - has to be unique to the persons involved #SocialCafe https://t.co/cSvE1CJerp
    Collaboration - like most things - has to be unique to the persons involved #SocialCafe pic.twitter.com/cSvE1CJerp
  2. #socialcafe Please give a shoutout and let us know you're there!
  3. #socialcafe @socialwebcafe Won't be joining us tonight so I'll try this by myself! (Sorry Deb!)
  4. @conpsweeney - I'm learning and trying to learn more every day. There is so much out there! #socialcafe
  5. @conpsweeney - Good question. Probably figuring out which platform serves which function the best. Not all SM is created equal. #socialcafe
  6. @conpsweeney - At the moment, I'm mostly building a network. I graduate with my Communication: New Media degree in May #socialcafe
  7. .@JoysOfMercy I'd recommend starting with @LinkedIn with content & engagement strategies #socialcafe
  8. @conpsweeney - That one I know! YES! I've make some connections via Twitter which seem promising. #socialcafe
  9. #socialcafe Heading off now! Thanks for joining! See everyone next week!
  10. Hello everyone and welcome to #SocialCafe - our 30 min weekly twitter chat!
  11. So, we are continuing our conversation about #vitweet It is sort of like a real-time research, eh? #SocialCafe
  12. Considering I perform research like 80% of my time, it is right up my alley. Warning: PhD degrees require research.. #SocialCafe
  13. .@socialwebcafe @socialcafechat @ViTweet_ An interesting product that fills a need but would like to know more...Like price! #socialcafe
  14. Ok, so you already looked at your Twitter applications for any vitweet app, right @conpsweeney #SocialCafe
  15. I Googled some links. I realize we have posted some of these in past #SocialCafe chats, but we might as well share, eh?
  16. I think you mentioned this, but according to  http://en.vitweet.com/faq  it is a helpful "Twitter App" #SocialCafe
  17. I think that is how I removed #vitweet but I could only do it by removing ALL Twitter apps. That's not nice of them #SocialCafe
  18. To me, the way #ViTweet says u r "stuck" by ur "permission" but doesn't tell you how to get free... Not a respectable business #SocialCafe
  19. .@socialcafechat A better question is how do they get permission in the first place? #socialcafe
  20. They say it is thru their website & giving permission I wouldn't knowingly... But it happened to me in the past @conpsweeney #SocialCafe
  21. @conpsweeney @jenlankford Yeah, looking for an article abt it. Mayb this #SocialCafe Twitter Chat s/b that article & we will regularly tweet
  22. .@socialcafechat You'd think that after all our tweets someone would approach us! #socialcafe
  23. I really thought we'd find the answer during this #SocialCafe twitter chat. But, I'm not giving up on it!
  24. #socialcafe Got to roll! Thanks for joining! See everyone next week!
  25. I'm going to keep searching (and check with @conpsweeney until we find it ... next #SocialCafe !
  26. Until it is solved, for the sake of humanity and the global community, eh? #SocialCafe
  27. With that, see you next week, same time, same place at #SocialCafe

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