#SocialCafe 6.8 Chat Transcript

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#SocialCafe 02/21/17
  1. Collaboration - like most things - has to be unique to the persons involved #SocialCafe https://t.co/cSvE1CJerp
    Collaboration - like most things - has to be unique to the persons involved #SocialCafe pic.twitter.com/cSvE1CJerp
  2. A2: Social media is filled with pictures of couples and things about love on this day so singles might be more upset Lol #socialcafe
  3. Q2: (2/2) ... a sense of competition among friends for the sweetest relationship. #Socialcafe
  4. A2 Before #SocialMedia it was all about what is called "traditional" now.. the card.. the dinner #SocialCafe
  5. @ShanQuinn14 You know what.. I haven't even gone on Facebook today because of that. To me, it is just another day.. #SocialCafe
  6. @TiffanyDitto Oops (blush) I was thinking the 1/2 was the 1/2 of the posts.. I never thought of that, but yeah... #competition #SocialCafe
  7. @conpsweeney @ShanQuinn14 You guys don't want to know. I was watching #NCIS with hubby. Took the day off with the tummy #SocialCafe
  8. A3: I think the best solution is to unplug for the day if watching all the #ValentinesDay #SocialMedia posts make you sad. #Socialcafe
  9. A3: Like you said you did, stay away from SM. Otherwise, prepare yourself for the worst @socialcafechat #socialcafe
  10. @TiffanyDitto You know. I hate to see singles change their habits, but that is a good point since it is not likely to change #SocialCafe
  11. @TiffanyDitto @conpsweeney Yeah, Con! That is a good way to put yourself in the doghouse! lol #SocialCafe
  12. @socialwebcafe It was! I didn't have enough characters to put my response in one tweet. So, I was doing a two part tweet. #Socialcafe
  13. #socialcafe Night all! Have to run! Thanks for joining & see everyone next week!
  14. @TiffanyDitto Good way to do it. It is hard to fit all of it in 140 chars. #SocialCafe
  15. @conpsweeney Thanks, Con. No, we didn't scare him off... #SocialCafe is a 30 min Twitter Chat :)
  16. It's been fun. Thanks, all! I'm going to go nurse this tummy some more. Have a great evening! #SocialCafe
  17. @socialwebcafe Thank you all! This was neat. Have a good night and I hope you feel better! #SocialCafe
  18. #socialcafe Please give us a shoutout & let us know that you're there!
  19. ... At our normal time, for our 30 min freestyle (somewhat) #SocialCafe Twitter Chat
  20. Here to learn more about #socialcafe from Madison WI! @infamousmothers and I are learning how Twitter chats work!
  21. Hi @conpsweeney I was 2 min late because I got stopped by the gatekeeper at Twitter to re-authenticate that I am me. #SocialCafe Still me!
  22. Do you know my hubby is nicer than any one singular person should be at any given time? #SocialCafe
  23. Ok... I know... the Valentine's Day topic was last week... Just saying. #SocialCafe
  24. Of course... he (hubby) saw the tweet at the last minute and said, "Ah, Deb.." #shyness #SocialCafe
  25. @socialwebcafe That was a good one! I only put my foot in my mouth once! (I think!) #socialcafe
  26. Ok, speaking of #shyness (this is my weird brain...) if we were to draw a list of descriptors 4 the perfect #onlinemarketer .... #SocialCafe
  27. @conpsweeney Good one... you crack me up, Con! I know your wife is lovely. (I almost said to put up with u, but I wouldn't) #SocialCafe
  28. @INTLCTLratchet On my! I have to look that up to be sure. I think I stopped counting after 4 yrs, so this should be 5-6 yrs #SocialCafe
  29. @conpsweeney @INTLCTLratchet I can't believe it's been that long. Of course, I mean it in the sweetest way :D #bigSmile #SocialCafe
  30. How about 2. determined #SocialCafe (Now I'll give you all a chance...)
  31. @UneekDiva Ah, thnx. Yeah, I hit the jackpot (even tho I think it happened accidentally) on that one. I wish the same to others #SocialCafe
  32. @conpsweeney How about a really creative article? Just thinking out loud... :) #SocialCafe
  33. @socialwebcafe OK, patient, determined, relentless, & focused....Sounds like a #stalker to me! #socialcafe
  34. @conpsweeney I am seriously ROFL Con - What about the rest of you? Have we described a stalker? #SocialCafe
  35. @conpsweeney @socialcafechat You are not wrong on that. I think stalkers need those skills, too. #SocialCafe
  36. So, are there any skills/descriptors that we can include that do NOT sound like a stalker? #SocialCafe
  37. @conpsweeney @criminalminds You scare me on how well you know me! No, I had to back off. Believe it or not, too intense #SocialCafe
  38. @socialwebcafe Well, stalkers do feign it But have you ever met a kind businessperson? #socialcafe
  39. @conpsweeney Unfortunately, I think I have to actually think on that one.. I can't readily answer that in the positive #SocialCafe  https://twitter.com/conpsweeney/status/834228014993043456 
  40. @conpsweeney I'd like to think my father was and I adore my mentor, a business woman, but I know what you mean.. land of sharks #SocialCafe
  41. Don't tell any1, but when entering in the financial industry, the underbelly of greed in LA, I almost like becoming a shark #SocialCafe
  42. @socialwebcafe Your father is probably as old as me & our age is fading away...I'll defer to you on your mentor... #socialcafe
  43. @conpsweeney I don't want to tell you how many decades ago she was my mentor, so I think she was in the Baby Boomer generation #SocialCafe
  44. @conpsweeney She and her husband train seeing eye dogs. that can't be all bad, eh? #SocialCafe Hats off to you Becky!
  45. @conpsweeney I think they already have. ...taking up residence across the street. But, of course, I'm not supposed to know #SocialCafe
  46. On that note.... #SocialCafe Thanks, all, for the list! (Would you believe there are sirens going off.. in multiple?) #SocialCafe
  47. See you all.. same place, next week at #SocialCafe and the 30 min Twitter Chat (if those sirens are not for me & hubby)

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