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This event is all about images in social media and specifically looking at MavSocial as a social sharing tool for sharing those images on your favorite networks.

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  1. How much of your social media marketing involves images and media? (Or how much would you like?)

In many cases, we want to share more images than what we share. It is pretty clear to see that we get better results when we share those images and media.

  1. How do you share your media elements like images, video, slideshares, now?

The interpretation of this question could be taken in two different ways. For example, what is the source of the sharing of images (i.e. blog post) and what is the method of sharing the images (i.e. Twitter Cards). How about you?

  1. What challenges have you faced in your social media sharing of multi-media?

Interesting response from Gail Gardner that the challenges that she faces include slow internet speed. This is something that many who have higher speeds do not realize is a challenge. Fortunately, there are tools that will pull media from the backend, so that the user is not impacted in their own internet speed (conversation for a later time, but feel free to ask me, Deborah, if you are wondering). Also, check out the article by Gail Gardner.

  1. What improvements would you like to see in your media sharing?

Interesting responses for this question, including more (and probably higher quality) content, as well as engagement. More, more, more.. Understandable, eh?

What other thoughts do you have this week?

Sabrina shares some insight on the use of Reddit, but this can also apply to any singular social network. Also, circling back on the topic of how important images are in social media marketing.

Any more insights?

And, the thoughts and insights continue...

What is in store for the upcoming weeks?

Gail offers some suggestions on strategy, as the group continues to ponder the whole concept of images and social media.

Final Thoughts and Action Steps

Charles (who happens to be Deborah's co-host on Marketing Momentum) offers some bird's eye view look at the internet and entrepreneurialism that helps us to take a step back and realize that as important as images are, there is a larger view when it comes to social media, internet business, and a global view of strategy.

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