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  1. How familiar are you with the @slideshare?

It appears that many of us have heard of SlideShare but we haven’t necessarily all adopted it as a main content source.

  1. What tool(s) do you use now, to build presentations (sometimes called decks)? How do you share them?

Some of us are already using SlideShare for online presentations. Other options are Google presentations, Storify, etc.

  1. What features do you or would you find most desirable for a service like @slideshare?

While there are certainly other features that SlideShare could adopt, we particularly like how they added the ability to have embedded YouTube videos right within the SlideShare!

  1. How has or how do you think @slideshare helps streamline your social media strategy?

There appears to be so many possibilities for SlideShare even beyond the surface that we have barely scratched tonight. There is content repurposing, content creation, and so much more. Is it brainstorming time?

Final Thoughts and Action Steps

Great to see you all connecting and all of us connecting! (Is that redundant? lol) Looking forward to seeing you next week on #SocialCafe. Thanks for joining us!

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