Are You On The Vine? (Summary) #SocialCafe 2.30

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#SocialCafe Chat Topic: Are You On The Vine?

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Article about Instagram, courtesy of @ToddInKC
How will marketers take advantage of Instagram videos?

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What’s The Buzz?

  1. How are you using Vine to enhance your blogging?

To what degree do we use Vine (or Instagram)? As with many things, it often comes down to a case of those who use it love it and those who do not, either haven't discovered a love for it, or don't find it useful. Which group appeals to you?

To follow someone who has great ideas for how to use Vine, check out @mommyt3aches on Vine. Read through the archive (slideshow, above) to read some of her cool ideas!

  1. How is the shift in visual content affecting how you blog?

All different ideas for using Vine (or Instagram), including nail art (@beautyaddixion); biz tips (@socialwebcafe); lapses throughout day (@mommyt3aches); and, all-around fun stuff!

  1. Instagram recently added video. What pros and cons have you experienced so far with the change?

Some great pros/cons were shared. Some that are not as self-evident, but certainly very helpful to those who have not experienced Vine (and/or Instagram) and are considering the platform(s).

  1. In what ways do you plan to use these changes to maximize your readers’ social experience?

Thanks to our tweeps for sharing tips and articles during this chat. Check them out, below, and in the Storify archive/slideshow, above.

Final Thoughts and Action Steps

Some great tips during this chat (as always!). Looking forward to starting a series on "Buzz" starting with a general chat about buzz next week.

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